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There was a time once, during the duration of my A-levels and the topic of discussion ventured out towards designer clothing and labels, during the absence of a teacher. There was a girl there who loved her labels, and then there was me, who would rummage through piles of clothing on a cart on the streets. So I put forward a question, asking her if she saw a skirt on the street for Rs. 100 and the same at a designer store (I used Rohil Bal as an example) for 10k, would she still chose the designer piece? And she said absolutely. It's all about the label. I zoned out soon after, because for me, the label is the last things that matters. First thing is always the style and the fit. And it still is.
But of course we all crave to have branded pieces in our wardrobe. Even though I prefer my thrifty pieces, if presented with a chance to snag a nice designer piece, I would go for it! The jacket in this post is a John Galliano piece and is from a bygone collection, that it was priced at 20 euros. While it is a bit costume-y and I was worried about how to style it, not to mention ending up looking like a certain DC comics character, I was ecstatic that I even managed to find this. And in my favourite colour! And just during the Galliano comeback year! That same day, before I found this jacket, I was walking through the streets of Milan and going through the street markets. I came across a floral Gucci compact sling bag from the sixties. With a price tag that said 200 euros, it was something I had to say goodbye to, thanks to my very limited budget since I lost my wallet and cards in Spain. Otherwise, I would have probably gotten that. Maybe skipped two fancy meals, but that bag would have made it's way back with me.

During my search for discounted designer goodies, I managed to come across Videdressing which recently also opened up to the American market. Videdressing is an online shared closet for second hand clothing in France and ships to a lot of countries. Some of which are even below the 100 euro range (7000 INR approx) and I managed to find dresses by Wang, Cavalli and Celine and some pretty amazing shoes from Miu Miu, Zanotti and McQueen! Talk about a steal! You can also pick your own price range and browse though items that fall under that category. Currently, I'm waiting to get all my cards replaced and then I'm going to try and figure out the easiest way to get to these pieces, with the least shipping expense (there's no Indian shipping yet, but that could happen in the future). Also at times like this, it doesn't hurt to be Indian and have family reside in almost all parts of the globe! Another thing you don't have to fear is getting counterfeited items in your order. That always seems to be the case when you buy discounted designer pieces from the internet. But with a dedicated team to check up on orders, you can be assured your items are luxury certified.

The outfit I put together is my kind of office wear. If I had to go to work in an office everyday that is. A cotton strapless dress that is comfortable with my lovely but matronly Galliano jacket. I kept it easy because I wanted it to work not only for a corporate job but also in a more creative field. I would usually have picked a dress that has more of a midi length instead of something as short as this, but I really wanted to wear the stripes. Paired with a simple watch and a simple neckpiece, I almost chose ballet flats, but went for heels instead. 

Striped dress: Linking Road | Jacket: John Galliano | Bag: c/o Stalk Buy Love | Belt: Only | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Neckpiece: Hill Road | Heels: Steve Madden

This post is sponsored by Videdressing.

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