Pink Paris


One fine morning in Paris, I decided to wear the prettiest dress that resided in my suitcase. This dress seemed to match the dreamy state of mind that one has, when in Paris. This dress also seemed to compliment and stand out fantastically from my surroundings, whether it was the colourful carousel, the dull Eiffel Tower, the greens in the park or the blue skies. Everything just fit in, somehow.
It started with the Dubai trip. Dubai and shopping have always gone hand in hand for me, and there were 3-4 trips to the mall on a weekly basis. And I was there for 4 weeks! But every single time, I had to tell myself to take it easy because Dubai was just my first destination and I had to not empty my bank account shopping there as I had some lovely European cities to waste that in. So on one particular trip, we were at Forever 21 and it was during their massive sale. So I had willed myself to only pick up sale pieces and nothing more. On my way to the dressing rooms, I met this dress. It was on a mannequin and it just blew me away. I've never loved pink and always been a purple kind of girl, but the style and the silhouette is something that I loved. It also reminded me of a fancier and much prettier version of a dress I had back home (top left of the blog). And it came with a nice big price tag as well. Still, I wanted to try it, because who wouldn't?

Playing Office


There was a time once, during the duration of my A-levels and the topic of discussion ventured out towards designer clothing and labels, during the absence of a teacher. There was a girl there who loved her labels, and then there was me, who would rummage through piles of clothing on a cart on the streets. So I put forward a question, asking her if she saw a skirt on the street for Rs. 100 and the same at a designer store (I used Rohil Bal as an example) for 10k, would she still chose the designer piece? And she said absolutely. It's all about the label. I zoned out soon after, because for me, the label is the last things that matters. First thing is always the style and the fit. And it still is.
But of course we all crave to have branded pieces in our wardrobe. Even though I prefer my thrifty pieces, if presented with a chance to snag a nice designer piece, I would go for it! The jacket in this post is a John Galliano piece and is from a bygone collection, that it was priced at 20 euros. While it is a bit costume-y and I was worried about how to style it, not to mention ending up looking like a certain DC comics character, I was ecstatic that I even managed to find this. And in my favourite colour! And just during the Galliano comeback year! That same day, before I found this jacket, I was walking through the streets of Milan and going through the street markets. I came across a floral Gucci compact sling bag from the sixties. With a price tag that said 200 euros, it was something I had to say goodbye to, thanks to my very limited budget since I lost my wallet and cards in Spain. Otherwise, I would have probably gotten that. Maybe skipped two fancy meals, but that bag would have made it's way back with me.

Picturesque views of Cinque Terre


Cinque Terre has been a dream destination for the longest time now. And ever since Pinterest, it became an unhealthy obsession and I knew I had to visit this place soon! When I told friends and family about this destination, a lot of them hadn't even heard of it. And when I showed them images, they were completely bowled over. Cinque Terre, to those who don't know, is a UNESCO world heritage site and is a protected place. Cinque translates to 5 and Terre is earth or land. So "5 lands" is basically a collection of 5 quaint little towns - Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso - spaced out in almost equal distances from each other on the Ligurian coast each packed with it's own cute little charm and amazing postcard views from every damn angle!

Waiting for the rains


It's been more than a week since I'm back, and I still haven't experienced the rains in Mumbai yet! Not counting the night time mini showers, but I was really waiting to put on my rain boots and splash in some puddles. Sadly, that's going to have to wait, and I'm still enjoying a bit of an extended summer here. And this seemed like the perfect outfit for it.
When I selected this dress, I was traveling and at that time, when I looked at this dress from Sheinside, I kept thinking summer and resort. Also now, the shades of deep blue and the lighter ones remind me of my favourite holiday haunt - Cinque Terre - making me reminisce about the different tones the sea transformed into, dark blue during the boat ride and at sunset, lighter blue and a few shades of cyan near the rocky regions of the cliffs and the beach. And the flowers on my dress? Those were so like the flowers that rained down from random balconies on the streets of these towns. This is just a small descriptive preview to the upcoming post about Cinque Terre of course, because I have tons of images to share soon!