The 3 euro dress


I got to Barcelona with a list of too many things to do and very little time to do them all. So I had to shortlist things that really needed to be done. And of course in the hopes of returning to Barcelona again, I set out with a few things to do (all of that will be up soon in another post). One thing that didn't make my list was shopping. It's strange, but yes. I was counting my baggage weight and since I was travelling internally on budget flights, the weight restriction is very strict and I could not afford going overboard at all. So shopping comes towards the end of my trip. And for the longest time, I've dreamed of walking into a Mango or Zara outlet, and walking away with an entire new wardrobe for a fraction of the usual prices. I didn't manage to find an outlet of either, but I still didn't get anything from them because every single thing I saw on the racks carried a "made in India" tag and with it came the smallest possibility of finding that same piece in a surplus shop or on the streets of Colaba. So that was a disappointment.

But, a few friends told me about markets in Barcelona, so I made sure to visit quite a few. The dress in this post is one of those finds. Definitely a second hand piece, it probably belonged to a lady who's my grandmother's age. But I was drawn to the colour and print. Not to mention the price. 3 euros for the dress! And if I picked 2 from the same rack, I would get 2 pieces for 5 euro. So of course I picked 2! So this vintage-y second hand thrifted piece is a button down dress which is clearly sizes bigger for me, hence I have power shoulders with it, and on a person who already has broad shoulders, that was the only thing I was a little apprehensive about. But a belt helped to cinch in the waist and made it look a little more modern. I decided to leave the buttons at the bottom open and wore my little denim shorts underneath as well. 

This was my last day in Barcelona, and also the day I lost my wallet and cards, and in fact the pictures at the fountain were taken directly after I lodged my complaint with the police, and the strain on my face shows as well. Quite an eventful day indeed.

Dress: Mercat dels Encants | Bag: Steve Madden | Sneakers: Puma | Sunnies: Barcelona boutique | Neckpiece: Bangkok

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