The weekend at Sitges


Honestly, before the start of my trip, I had not even heard of Sitges and didn't even know it existed. And why would I? The first place or city that I would associate with Spain is Barcelona, thanks to football and Gaudi. And I would have missed out on this quaint little town if not for the wedding I was a guest at! But I'm so glad that happened. As much as I love the city life and the hustle and bustle of activity all around, I really love some quiet time as well. And Sitges is just perfect! A little too perfect maybe.

Also I might have gotten a few looks from a few Spanish friends and raised eyebrows when I mentioned I was at Sitges for a few days, because everyone associates the town with gay pride and they even have couples who are not afraid to show their love. A bit progressive for most people, I could tell, but the place is still for everyone. From couples to singles and even families, everyone can find things to do here.

The beach life

With over 15 different beaches, each with their own spots of seclusion, you have the option to swim/sunbathe in the nude or in a bathing suit, and each beach attracts a different kind of crowd, from nudists to couples and even families. Of course, the major part of your time will be spent on the beach, nevertheless. For the first time in my life, I lay down to sunbathe, and believe me, I'm not the kind of person who likes a tan because I'm already brown. But I could not resist. I've researched quite a bit, and read a few accounts that recommended skipping Barceloneta (the beach in Barcelona) and making a day trip to Sitges for the beaches instead, and I can understand why. If you go to the beach, you can rent a lounger for around 5-10 euros or carry a blanket and lay on the sand instead. 

Wining and Dining

I'd recommend getting an ice-cream or a frozen yogurt and then heading to the beach with a book. Both the ice-cream and frozen yogurt places I got my fix from, had really great looking men behind the counter. So good looking, that I was almost a regular there at both places! Apart from the dessert, the food is also great. There are a lot of places to try the local cuisine. But of course I fell in love with the pizzeria instead and ending up eating a lot more Italian than Spanish food. If you do visit "Fragata" always order the pitcher of sangria along with your pizza. There are some small little bars facing the beach, that serve a glass of beer and some chips for 2 euros! The others are priced pretty decently as well, and I ended having too much sangria, because it's tough to control when it comes in a big pitcher!

Sights and attractions

Sitges is basically small and narrow passageways that are filled with shops and boutiques and is great for window shopping. I found so many cosy boutiques with one of a kind garments and of course my beautiful dress from here. Walking along the beach promenade is another fun activity. A bicycle is easy to hire, and it would be amazing to explore the little town on two wheels. Sitges also has three museums, all of which have an entrance fee of around 3.50 euro each, however, if you plan to visit all three, you can buy a pass for 6.50 instead. There's also a beautiful church and the view of the place and from the place is spectacular and you should not miss the little walk up there.


When the sun goes down, the whole of Sitges comes out to party and have fun. Bars and clubs around every single corner, some of which cater solely to the gay population and women might not even be allowed to enter. But there are a few hidden gems here and there. I got to go out for just one night amidst all the wedding celebrations, and we went to Prisma, where one of the bridesmaids was a bartender, and of course got a lot of free shots. It seemed like a regular bar but it got crowded soon and people were dancing all over, even on their chairs. Of course we joined in. Soon we headed outside, and went to another place diagonally opposite where a Brazilian couple was leading everyone on the dance floor to some amazing salsa moves. It lasted till the club shut and we were asked to leave. Still, it wasn't over, the party was taken out to the streets with people yelling out football cheers. It was overall one of the best night out experiences I've had.

Travelling to Sitges is a piece of cake. There are regular buses from the Barcelona el-Prat airport as well as Barcelona itself, and the price for a ticket is between 4-8 euros. So Sitges makes a perfect day trip from Barcelona, but I would recommend staying overnight to enjoy a bit of the intimate nightlife they have to offer.

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  1. Looks like such a beautiful place! Lovely photos! I bet it would be amazing to live there.

    xx Yasmin

  2. love it :)
    kisses from dubai ♥

  3. Beautiful photos. :)