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I've been in beautiful Spain for the last few days, in the sweet little town of Sitges which is so breathtakingly beautiful (more images from Sitges coming soon), for a Indo-Spanish wedding. With a mix of both cultures and traditions, everything was just beautifully planned and executed. The wedding reception was at this wonderful castle-like manor - Almiral de la Font, nestled in the hills complete with an infinity pool which I unfortunately didn't manage to spend time in, even though a few of us stayed overnight after the wedding reception. But I did take some pictures around!

I'd been wandering around the town the previous day walking and looking through their local boutiques and I found this beautiful maxi dress in white that was too tempting to resist. Since it's summer and can get kind of hot in some European cities, I thought I needed to add this piece to my luggage. So of course I took it over to the manor to wear the next day. While I did wake up groggily at around 8:30 am, since I programmed myself to wake up around that time during the course of my trip, if not earlier, I was also kind of recuperating from the happenings of the previous evening, with all the dancing and of course the alcohol, all which lasted till about 3am. But I realised the best way to keep myself occupied and out of that state of unrest was to get productive. So I stepped out on the patio in my new dress with my new (and old jewelery) from Silvette, which seemed to accompany everything just too well, and took some images around by myself. Of course I needed help to click the ones from the balcony, since setting the camera to 10 seconds and running up there was impossible, so I had help from a friend. I may have gotten a few strange looks from the bride's family who are all Spanish, while posing for my self-timed pictures, but there was no way around that. Also I was so excited to see flowers all around the place. And honestly, the pictures only do half justice to the place.
About working without a photographer, for all those of you who want to put up their outfit posts, but have no one to shoot them, here's a bit of guidance. I've done this just once before, and those were still easier shots to take. But this one was a bit tough. Because of the fabulous location, it was overwhelming to firstly decide where I wanted to shoot, as well as getting the focus right. Like the ones in front of the pool, I had to take countless images and wasted 25 mins to just get my focus! And since I didn't have a stand in, and that was basically just a ledge, it was really hard to get it right. I also had to shift around a heavy table from the previous night to place my camera on. The other times  left it on the ground or a wall and was crossing my fingers that the camera wouldn't fall over. But it happened eventually. The key really is patience. I took a ton of images from different angles and I tried to experiment a bit till I was happy, because if you don't get out of your comfort zone, you'll really get no results. And don't pay attention to onlookers, because they'll always think you're crazy anyway, so just go ahead and do it. Lastly, I would say, relaxation is also really needed. Setting the camera on timer and then running to hold a pose can show a bit of strain in posture as well as expression. What I do is, I do all of that, and count till 10 in my head. Also the camera has a beeping sound that reminds me when the image will get clicked. So I always walk calmly towards my chosen spot, take a deep breath when I hear the beeping get faster and then exhale slowly as it clicks, and it always makes my face look more relaxed. If you're an ANTM fan like me, you probably already know this trick, but really, it works! So go ahead, try it for yourself if you haven't already. I'm on a solo vacation, so I expect I'll be doing a lot more of this. You can follow me on Instagram to keep up with my "adventures"!

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Maxi dress: Local boutique in Sitges, Spain | Jewelry: c/o Silvette | Shades: H&M | Sling: Aldo | Sandals: Forever 21

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  1. beautiful dress :)
    kisses from dubai ♥

  2. Lovely pictures. :)

  3. Gorgeous pictures and love the jewelry!!

  4. I have for sure been struggling trying to find a way to shoot when I'm sans photographer and this post really helped! I can't believe you took these on a timer.

  5. You got all of these shots yourself?? Wow! How on earth did you get that balcony shot?


  6. During a trip to Europe several years ago, I fell in love with Spain! It's gorgeous and an untapped treasure (I hear Portugal is just as beautiful).

    I also love your dress! It's perfect for summertime and it's beautiful on you!

  7. Beautiful pictures, and I love the dress!