By the Seine


Ever since I planned my itinerary, I had a list of lovely cities I was going to visit with breath-taking views and iconic and historic sights. But I willed myself to wear regular touristy clothes and not dress up to pose for a photoshoot. I mean it would have been lovely to get outfit posts done at all these beautiful places, but I thought I'd be a little more realistic. A two month travel is no joke and I'm stuck with 2 handbags for the entire trip. Also shoes. I have just 4 pairs with me, which still is a lot but also too less! And lastly, the clothes itself. Choosing outfits that can be layered and reused to create different looks is a task by itself. And let's not forget picking garments that don't crease a lot because that beautiful crumpled up cotton dress will stay exactly like that in my suitcase, until I find an iron or something!

So with my realistic approach, and far from the exotic #LifeOfAFashionBlogger while travelling, because I don't have an entourage or even a photographer for that matter, and have to rely on asking strangers to take a few pictures of me, and I usually pick the ones with fancy cameras, but of course in this day and age, almost everyone has a fancy camera. So the results of those pictures are never that great. But when I was booking my trip on Airbnb, there was a pop-up that was by a website "trip4real" which brings tourists closer to locals with local experiences and those kind of things. So I browsed through and just before I was about to close it, I came across two things that made me stop immediately. This is one of them. I managed to find a photographer in Paris for a short duration and a lovely price. I booked immediately and corresponded with Melanie and told her I wanted to shoot an outfit post. She had a look at my stuff and suggested doing two instead of one! So that's exactly what we did! We planned to do a third as well, but that didn't work out.
About the outfit; I wore a black bodycon dress with a tiny frill at the bodice. A belted cape added a layer and made the outfit a little more day-time as opposed to being a night out look. With my sneakers, because there's a lot of walking involved in European cities and you'd be stupid to wear anything else, and a big handbag to fit in all my things for the day, including some snacks, I set out!
Melanie and I walked around the Seine and the corresponding shopping area stopping to take a picture of two here and there while she showed me a few places of interest that I might have overlooked. We also walked past the Louvre as we headed towards the Eiffel Tower, which will be up in another post!

Black bodycon dress: Forever 21 | Printed cape: Max Fashion | Macrame bag: Zara | Sneakers: Tati, Dubai | Watch: Aries Gold Watched | Belt: Only

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