Storming up the desert | Dubai desert safari


Last year, I went for the desert safari when I visited Dubai, and as much as I wanted to blog about it, I thought I still didn't know enough, as a single experience doesn't really cut it. So this time, we went again, and I made sure we took a different agency and route instead of sticking to the same as the previous. Both were enjoyable in their own ways, and both had their perks and cons. And basically, you really get what you pay for. 

Last year, we went for a pricier package, which included a pick up and drop to our house, plus at the base camp in the desert, we had a buffet and unlimited soft drinks. Whereas the one we went for this time was a little budget friendly, but also included a pick up and drop plus the buffet. The soft drinks were free only after 7:30 pm and we reached base camp as around 5:30ish. Both times, the package was inclusive of dune bashing, and the entertainment - the tambura dancers and belly dancers (single or multiple, depending on package). Of course the first time had a fancier stage with great lighting and an entire makeshift gazebo made out of fabric and lights. And this time the stage was minimal. But we preferred the food much better than last time. Also we had a very nice driver, who was very helpful and spoke Hindi, kept trying to prank Sheehan. So if you ever decide to go on a desert safari, it's always better to call up and check what is included in your package. Sometimes, the prices are exclusive of pick up and drop offs and it's good to confirm before booking. We were supposed to share our vehicle with two other young women, one of who was ill, just after the pick up, so the other called the company and said they would like to re-schedule as one of them was ill. They were still made to pay a tiny cancellation fee. So please, check properly before booking! At the base camp, apart from the entertainment, you can have some sheesha, take home a few memorabilia items like sand jars with customised writing and have a few drinks as well. 
Another thing, wear comfy clothing. For the dune bashing, each passenger in the vehicle is expected to wear a seatbelt, so even if you're sitting right behind, you have to, so wear something that enables you to sit properly. There is a 10-15 minute break, where the cars stop in the middle of the desert, and you can click pictures, and it always is windy. So wearing a short flowy skirt is a big mistake. If you need to wear a dress, wear something that will not do a Monroe. Jersey is the best in my opinion and is what I went for. Lastly, footwear is another major thing. Sneakers and clothes shoes are a complete no for me, as I hate getting sand in them. Open shoes and even flip flops are always a better choice, and I also like how the sand feels on my legs. Also, less make up is a great choice, since there's sand flying everywhere and you really don't want it getting stuck to your face! I had so much in my lipstick, and I couldn't help but think of last year. And don't forget your sunnies!

We also managed to put together a tiny video of sorts of everything we filmed for fun, apart from us goofing around and smoking sheesha! It was a lovely experience that I wanted to share with everywhere.

 Maxi dress: Big Bazaar Fashion | Fringed kimono: Westside | Fringe bag: Steve Madden 
Bodychain: Hill Road | Sunnies: Charles & Keith | Watch: Aldo | Bracelets: Dragon Mart | Sandals: borrowed 

Images: Sheehan D'souza and Patrick Miranda

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  1. love your bag :)
    kisses in dubai ♥

  2. You look stunning some more interesting stufff...;)

  3. Love this post Roxanne! Just so beautiful! In love with the location and also what you're wearing!

  4. Lovely, lovely pictures. I'm in Nigeria and you aint nobody unless you've been to Dubai...And PS I looooove your gold body chain, such a great piece for layering!

  5. love these pictures! I went to Dubai once before I started the blog and it was such a rich, eye opening experience. I wish I had gorgeous pictures like these to remember the trip by!


  6. We went for our wedding anniversary. We had great time specially on
    Desert. Food was average but overall experience was excellent.Highly recommended.. Pictures are superb.

  7. When I heard the word “Dubai” many interesting places come into the mind. In that desert safari is one of the best ones ever. I like the ride very much.

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