Let's go to the beach...


During my last few days in Dubai, I was caught up with last minute bookings and negotiations with the latter and remaining of my holiday as well as attending to emails that I may have been to busy to respond to. It's really surprising to me, how I even managed to churn out quite a respectable number of posts while holidaying, since I wouldn't have done the same while at home. Of course the advantage at a holiday is that you always have your camera while visiting new places and there's a lot of things to share and write about as compared to "oh look I wore this and ate at Candies in Bandra today". Also another big plus was having either Sheehan or Patrick who took all these images so far.

As the title suggests, we decided to head towards the beach, because the weather was pretty decent for Dubai standards. I was really feeling my denim vibe that day and decided to mix 2 different shades together in the form of a faded zipper jacket and a darker toned dress. Armed with my backpack which carried the laptop, my shoes (because I would never wear sneakers on the beach) and a bunch of other items, I decided to stroll and work on the beach. The backpack which is such a lovely neutral colour is the best thing I've seen in a while, since I really was impressed with the fact that it had a separate compartment for my shoes! And what more, it's not a girly bag, neither is it too manly and can be carried by anyone, with any kind of clothes. Sheehan kept eyeing it and I eventually had to leave it back in Dubai for her! 

Crow backpack: c/o Twenty Seven | Dress: Limeroad | Jacket: New Yorker | Bralet: Victoria's Secret | Sunnies: Claire's | Sneakers: Puma | Flats: Forever 21

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  1. I have to admit, I'm usually pretty scared of mixing denim...but this looks amazing! Also, that backpack is so awesome. The neutral colors are totally up my street :)


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  4. Great light, gorgeous photos