All things red at The Dubai Mall


One fine overcast day in Dubai, I just put on a pretty dress and my red lipstick and stepped out to spend the day at themall. Little did I know that day would be full of "reds" for me. From the red accents on my dress, to the shade of lipstick I wore that was conveniently called "red velvet" and my red polka dot sunnies, I also chanced upon a pretty display of a red Vespa, and sat in a red tram, realized at one point of time I was surrounded by tiny red flowers, and even ate red velvet concrete! And I wondered to myself, when did my life get so poetic?!
But it was a very good day. A day spent at the mall and all around. I've blogged previously about the Dubai Mall in a shopping guide, but this post is just for the mall. I spent an entire day there, and I can still return back and do the same thing, again. From entertainment to amusement and a few indulgences, this mall has it all! Here are my recommendations if you find yourself in Dubai, with a lot of time to waste and want to have fun!


Of course the sole purpose of a mall's perspective is to provide an array of brands and stores together, to benefit every shopaholic and fashion enthusiast. If you don't have the shopping funds, window shopping works equally well. Dubai Mall houses international designers as well as high street and commercial brands, so you can still get your fashion fix from the latest Bloomingdales display and awe at bags and shoes at Jimmy Choo.


There are just so many places to fuel up, from fast food to some intense fine dining, with various cuisines to satisfy your hunger palate. My favourite is obviously the places that have french fries, because I'm such a junkie like that. I also have to always visit Shake Shack for my red velvet concrete which really is to die for! Deciding what to get for lunch is always very overwhelming and takes a lot of decisiveness in my case. 


I spent the better half of my time at the mall at Sega Republic. I used to do this when I was a child, but this was a revisited time I guess. The amusement park has a 175 aed pass that entitles a user to sit on all the attractions as well as a few stimulation games (15 in total) as many times during the day. So we took that, and spent 4.5 hours there, getting our money's worth of fun and amusement. I was thrilled to play one of my favourite games "Let's go jungle" and luckily it did come under my pass, so I played it till my fingers were sore. Also I woke up the next day with a few bruises! A day truly well spent.


Apart from the cinema where you can watch a few movies, they also have a viewing deck to see the fountain show with the Burj Khalifa as a lovely background. What makes the fountain so spectacular is the lights and music that back it up. Oh yes, one of the tracks is an instrumental track by Andrea Bocelli, which really excited me, because I'm a fan of Italian opera and powerful voices. Back to the fountain, it's really something you need to watch. There are timings for their shows, but I'd suggest the evening show to the afternoon ones, so that you can enjoy the lights and the lovely ambiance.


If you're good on ice and can skate well, they have a huge ice rink for skating enthusiasts. From public sessions to freestyle sessions, which may require a flash of your test certificate before they allow access as well as coaching sessions and classes for those who would like to try their hands (or legs!) at it. And if you don't identify with anything above, you can just be a spectator and watch, especially when the "Disco session" is on, as that's really a sight! 


The aquarium at the mall is just breathtaking. When it boasts to be the largest suspended aquarium in the world, you know this is something you cannot bear to miss. With numerous packages to suit whatever takes your fantasy, you can gasp and awe at more than 140 different species of aquatic animals, or take a ride in a glass bottomed boat or if you book in well in advance (they have limited seating), you can dive into the water to swim or feed the sharks for a once in a lifetime experience! 

While still in it's development stage, the Dubai trolley (the red tram) is currently 3 stops long and still operates, but when completed will circle the entire area and give a stunning view of Downtown Dubai at a leisured pace. At the moment, the trip is free, but might be chargeable once completed.

Dress: GAP | Sneakers: Tati, Dubal | Cat sling: H&M | Sunnies: Dolce & Gabbana, c/o Shade Station | Watch: Guess

Images: Sheehan D'souza and Patrick Miranda
Location: The Dubai Mall

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  1. cute dress and that is by far one of my fave spots in dubai :)
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  2. Pics & dress very nice, i have seen while searching in google