Travel Essentials : vanity, comfort and entertainment


Travelling can be the most exhilarating and the most taxing thing ever. And if you're the kind of girl who's completely materialistic (loves to carry a super sized handbag at all times) then you only would know what goes through your mind when you have to selectively pack only a few required items that are essential for your trip! I'm the worst packer and I always forget something or the other, and I'm so used to it. Hence I always make a check list before I head for any trip, whether it's work related or just for fun. To make your trip memorable and stress-free, I've broken down my packing system into three parts; vanity, comfort and entertainment along with my very own travel essentials for each.

Let's go to the beach...


During my last few days in Dubai, I was caught up with last minute bookings and negotiations with the latter and remaining of my holiday as well as attending to emails that I may have been to busy to respond to. It's really surprising to me, how I even managed to churn out quite a respectable number of posts while holidaying, since I wouldn't have done the same while at home. Of course the advantage at a holiday is that you always have your camera while visiting new places and there's a lot of things to share and write about as compared to "oh look I wore this and ate at Candies in Bandra today". Also another big plus was having either Sheehan or Patrick who took all these images so far.

Storming up the desert | Dubai desert safari


Last year, I went for the desert safari when I visited Dubai, and as much as I wanted to blog about it, I thought I still didn't know enough, as a single experience doesn't really cut it. So this time, we went again, and I made sure we took a different agency and route instead of sticking to the same as the previous. Both were enjoyable in their own ways, and both had their perks and cons. And basically, you really get what you pay for. 

All things red at The Dubai Mall


One fine overcast day in Dubai, I just put on a pretty dress and my red lipstick and stepped out to spend the day at themall. Little did I know that day would be full of "reds" for me. From the red accents on my dress, to the shade of lipstick I wore that was conveniently called "red velvet" and my red polka dot sunnies, I also chanced upon a pretty display of a red Vespa, and sat in a red tram, realized at one point of time I was surrounded by tiny red flowers, and even ate red velvet concrete! And I wondered to myself, when did my life get so poetic?!

An Ethnic Serenade

We've all felt the pressures of attending wedding celebrations, whether we've been the brides ourselves or the immediate family members or even just a guest. The age old question of what to wear. And as much as most of us guests and family members would like the bride to shine on her special day, we would not like to be left far behind! And then some of us also have our destination weddings that seem to be quite a thing now. The dilemmas are just never ending!

Cascade of flowers


With the body positive movement that has been rampant in recent times, I'd like to address another issue that most of us face, which we may not even realize and acknowledge. While most of us are already body positive or are still getting there, there's this thing called "vanity sizing" that seems to hinder our progress. If you don't know what that means, in the most simplest terms, a brand labels it's sizes smaller than a regular size. So if Brand A has a pair of 28 waist denims, Brand B will use the vanity sizing method and run the same pair with the label saying 27 or 26. And which woman doesn't like to wear a size smaller than they do usually? We all do right. Also most of us would prefer brand B to brand A, since A makes us feel bigger.