Preserving legacies with Bueno! Dry Clean Service


I love dressing up. I mean going all out. Wearing my finest and maybe my most expensive dress. I wait for an occasion where I can deck myself up, because who doesn't love to look pretty and show-off? It could be a wedding or an anniversary celebration or a festive occasion or a birthday. And fortunately in India we have a number of festive celebrations so most of us fashion conscious women have scores of precious and pretty clothes in our closets that we're always eager to wear.

But one thing I've noticed and what I've personally always done is calculate the number of hours the celebration will last in correlation to my outfit, because the longer I wear it, the higher the possibility of getting it ruined. Parties and celebrations are just battlefields that ruin pretty outfits if you're not careful enough. The chances of dropping wine on the bodice of your pastel dress or of dancing too much that you have pit stains on your light coloured embroidered garments, or walking over a fallen drink with a dress that sweeps the floor is just yikes! And let's not forget all the delicious food that floats around these parties! Those graciously prepared steaming curries and the mithais dripping with sugary essence, can all be so hazardous and fatal to an outfit! And add in a bit of alcohol consumption and there you already have a death-wish for your ensemble. 

I always am prone to a lot of disastrous outfit-ruining possibilities and it's never my fault, it's people around me that seem to do it! Nevertheless, I'm stuck with a stained dress at the end of the night. So what comes next? I try a little DIY when I get home and soak the stained area in water or hold it under a running tap. 80% of the time, this tends to ruin the already stained piece even more! Then I give it to my grandmother who in turn gives it to a local laundry and I get it back with a stain that's always faint but visible, still.

But this was all before I discovered a dry cleaning service that fit and catered to all my needs! Bueno! Dry Clean Service, which is spread across 5 different locations in Mumbai - Cuffe Parade, Worli, Bandra, Oshiwara and Powai; offers premium dry cleaning solutions specializing in garment care and providing professional treatments help retain the "newness" of your garments. From a white shirt to a wedding lehenga, they are specialized to handle all of these tiny problems and their services keep in mind customer convenience and quality. They conduct leather and velvet cleaning as well as treating stains on any kind of embellished pieces. They also offer a pick and drop anywhere in Mumbai along with one day express service, online garment concierge and SMS notifications and special services that include fragrance finish, anti-bacterial treatment and whitening service.  

So ladies visit Bueno! Dry Clean Service to see how they can help you preserve that legacy left down from your great grandmother or just take care of a regular stain from a precious fancy piece. They also take care of furnishings and even soft toys and have their price list mentioned on their website. You can additionally also call them on their helpline: 8080-228-228 to know more. 

Till then, here is an exciting giveaway for all of you. Just like the Bueno! Dry Clean Service page on Facebook and inbox them the promo code "H2HXB!" and get free service vouchers of Rs.250/- *(T & C apply) 

Till then, dare to wear your finest pieces always, because Bueno! Dry Clean Service will always have your back! 

Floor length evening gown - Kailash Poojary | Bracelets - thrifted

Photographs - Patrick Miranda
Location courtesy - Goel Farms, Shahapur

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