Off to greener pastures


Just recently I was discussing some very important topics with my blogger friends with included something as I liked to call the "girl code" or what most women think is the girl code. The whole idea that to appear prim and well dressed and be praised for your fashion choices, you have to don a pair of heels, always. While I myself have a penchant for heels, I'm sure you know what my blog is called by now, but there always is a time and a place. We are unfortunate enough to live in a place which is not even high-heel friendly and while you think heels will elongate your calves and strengthen your gams, the potholed pavements will land you with a sprained ankle instead.

If you have that luxury of arriving at your destination in a car, you can wear your heels from home, or else it makes sense to even carry them along with you to change into, before you reach your destination. But walking on the streets with those heels is just plain torture. And I do that a lot when I head to my events. To catch a taxi or an auto I have a 5-6 minute walk from my house to the main road and every single time I walk out, I feel all eyes on me. And no it's never on my clothes, it's always on my shoes. I can literally hear their thoughts in my head saying "what is she thinking" "she's going to fall" "those look painful" and I realize to myself how silly I might look to a lot of these people. I also happen to pass a coaching class which always seem to have students milling around, and they always seem to be eager to watch me fall flat on my ass. Thankfully, that hasn't happened yet. But I've gotten a little street smart and wear flats now. A few friends have noticed my diminished height and I've had to explain that I'm not wearing my heels. But I still wear my wedges and platform heels, but the stilettos are saved for very rare occasions.
 And the reason I wrote this is because I have been noticing a lot of women wearing shoes they cannot walk in, to places that don't need heels. From shopping on the streets to bumping into a woman who couldn't even handle the dresses she was about to try in her 5.5 inch platform stilettos at a dressing room, I've seen the worst. And these "incidents" just seem to increase. So ladies, please play it smart and safe. Leave your stiletto heels behind when you are visiting a resort, a lawn or even a beach (yes I've seen heels abused in these places as well) but, if you really need that height, wedges and platform sandals are a better choice. Give flats a chance as well and with the whole influx of the sneaker trend, you really have so many options!

As for the title, I'm off on vacation for the next two months and I'm pretty excited about it. I will be blogging from my destinations but you will have to follow me on Instagram for a more daily update. Right now I'm busy packing because I cannot decide what to take and what to leave behind! How many clothes to last for 2 whole months and how many pairs of shoes?! While at the same time, I'm hemming a few of my maxi dresses (including this one) because I plan on getting comfy in my flats and sneakers mostly, while travelling.

Maxi dress: Pax, Colaba | Colour blocked bag: boutique in Hongkong | Body chain: Raju's at Hillroad | Bracelets: Dubai | Watch: Guess | Flats: Forever 21

Images by mom.
This really was a very sunny day to forget my sunnies at home.

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