Lakme Fashion Week Summer 2015 | The mayhem that was..


Mayhem. Chaos. Apprehensions. Fashion weeks are full of it. From what to wear to which row you get to sit in and the number of designers that lend/gift you garments fresh off the runway (depending who you are), and all the areas that you would have or would not have access to. We've argued before about how Bollywood-ised it is, but then again, that's one way to ensure a show gets good media coverage and becomes less of a PR headache when starlets walk down at the end of the show, waving at starstruck fans and grinning at the cameras. While half of the people I encountered were there to relax and be seen and photographed, while a few wanted to catch shows of their favourite designers and brands, there was a little hope in the younger lot/students who looked very enthusiastic and overly excited about all the shows apart from those who were supposed to cover particular shows for their respective mediums. Along with my three companions, we set our priorities. Armed with a print out of the schedule for all 5 days, we spent a good half an hour marking shows we were going to watch with a tick and the ones we weren't with a question mark and finally the ones which were a no with a cross and followed this schedule. Here is a full account of the mayhem that went on for those 5 days.

DAY 1 

The first day was obviously the most exciting. New season = new collections = new gossip. First on the list was the Gen-next show which we didn't want to miss, followed by the next two shows that we intended to catch. During lunch, A PR friend told us that the Huemn show was going to have shoes from Nike and to keep an eye out (alas, it seemed to be a packed show and there were no gaps to peep through from our row and we didn't see a single shoe) while another blogger friend notified us of how we could win a pair of Dune shoes from the LFW Apartment and we were eager to go and try our hands (or feet) at their Cinderella-esque game. We had to of course catch two shows before we made our way to the apartment on the 14th floor, one of which was the Lakme Absolute Sculpt Show by DRVV (where we were met with the harsh reality that getting into the Jabong stage area was literally entering a battlefield with no armour) . But as luck would have had it, there were two pairs left, and since I'm blessed with big feet, I would never fit into anything below a size 40. While at the apartment, we decided to take a look at the curated pieces by Reliance brands, and I laid my hands on the most softest jacket. I held on to it and told the ones managing the clothes that I was going to check this jacket out and wear it on day 3 and if it goes to anyone else, I'll just lose it. After they assured me it was mine, I left, peacefully.

Amena, Dayle and myself before the Gen Next show | Frou Frou by Archana Rao | Huemn | "my jacket" at the LFW apartment | The Lakme Absolute Sculpt show


The second day was a little laid-back. I had to go to the passport office so I knew I wasn't going to get there on time, so we all collectively decided that the first two shows were okay to miss and agreed to meet at the apartment to get a little make-up done, but unfortunately it was fully occupied that we decided to make a reservation for the following day, the first thing in the morning. After lunch and a couple of shows we crept back to the apartment to check if the shoes were restocked and if there was a chance to land a pair, but there was another activity by Kenneth Cole that was about breaking fashion stereotypes that we all decided to contribute to. The two shows we weren't going to give a miss to was Harper's Bazaar inspires mulmul and Raghuvendra Rathore. While whiling away a few precious moments on the open space where everyone seemed to love to hangout, my bag was a fancy and I was approached to pose for a picture for a website. Also somewhere around that time I resisted the urge to snap at someone who asked me how many followers I had on instagram as a follow up to "are you a blogger?". SIGH.

Details at Gaurang | Final walk at Gaurang | Breaking fashion stereotypes with Kenneth Cole | First look at Harper's Bazaar inspire Mulmul | Website feature


Day 3 began at the apartment with hair and make-up and me fussing over my Gas jacket du jour. After we all got ourselves made up, in the Lakme Sculpt look no less, we ran to catch our show which was scheduled to begin in another 5 minutes What followed was the most militarily planned moments of my life. During lunch we planned a newer schedule, as one of our shows was clashing with the Amante let's talk lingerie masterclass and we wanted/had to do both. Also immediately after lunch, I had to rush back to the apartment to give my video bytes and pose for a few pictures which would result in me being late for Amante. We even went as far as to schedule a restroom break and I was immediately reminded of Monica, Phoebe and Mike on Friends! But there was no time to sit and reminisce about old television shows and we were off. We did manage to get a little breathing space soon after and went to relax on the patio again. The same website from the previous day took a fancy to my shoes and had me pose again for them.

Lakme Absolute products | Getting "sculpted" | IKAI by Ragini Ahuja | Planned selfies for photogs | Showstopper at Valliyan | website feature


 This day began a little earlier, at the apartment with a introduction and a preview to Steve Madden's newest collection. Most of us tried on a few pair, well actually I couldn't manage to fit into any, as they seemed to have left the tinier sizes out. Soon we rushed to first show, which we were late to, and literally ran across the corridors. We picked almost every show to attend and somewhere down the line, torn between exhaustion and drowsiness and also the fact that during one particular show, I had someone with a hat in front of me who managed to make my images look odd, that I got a little too interested in my phone and began snapping images of my matching shoes and bag game and editing the same. By the time the last show rolled by, my head was dropping and took refuge on a friend's shoulder and couldn't wait to get home. 

Steve Madden shoes | The Spring Fling collection | Details at Anushree Reddy | Final walk at Anushree Reddy | Details at Rimi Nayak | Matching accessories


The last day was met with a wave of mixed emotions because it was the last day. I started with the Wendell Rodricks "popology" show that was sponsored by Philips and covered the same for Blogadda. We also decided we had to visit The Source and have a look at the everything we saw, in person. We were met by a little hesitation and sometimes a flat out no when we tried to take pictures of the displays. It was strange, because the same outfits were photographed on the runway, so apart from "copyright" I really could not think of any other reason why the would object! Nevertheless we caught our last final shows and scooted out before the chaos that surrounded the whole finale from the shift in venue, not before going out to the patio one last time and taking an "end of fashion week" picture.

Philips presents Wendell Rodricks | [Ka] [Sha] | Dayle inspecting Babita Malkani & the showstopper dress from Arpita Mehta | Nimrat Kaur for Shilpa Reddy | Us

Until next season then. Shout out to my lovely girls (and boy) : Amena from Fashionopolis and Dayle and Leo (who didn't pose for a picture) from Stylefile 

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