Off to greener pastures


Just recently I was discussing some very important topics with my blogger friends with included something as I liked to call the "girl code" or what most women think is the girl code. The whole idea that to appear prim and well dressed and be praised for your fashion choices, you have to don a pair of heels, always. While I myself have a penchant for heels, I'm sure you know what my blog is called by now, but there always is a time and a place. We are unfortunate enough to live in a place which is not even high-heel friendly and while you think heels will elongate your calves and strengthen your gams, the potholed pavements will land you with a sprained ankle instead.

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I love dressing up. I mean going all out. Wearing my finest and maybe my most expensive dress. I wait for an occasion where I can deck myself up, because who doesn't love to look pretty and show-off? It could be a wedding or an anniversary celebration or a festive occasion or a birthday. And fortunately in India we have a number of festive celebrations so most of us fashion conscious women have scores of precious and pretty clothes in our closets that we're always eager to wear.

Summer Favourites | Max Fashion collaboration

While most people groan, complain and plan their summer getaways, I feel like I'm one of the few who actually welcomes the summer with wide open arms. While the heat does get to me, the fact that I'm an April child, is what makes me partial to this sticky sweaty season. And of course there's the excuse to get new summer clothes! I always adopt the less is best motto when it comes to dressing up during this season. Layering is something I rarely do, and believe me I love my cardigans, but this is the time where I sadly put them away for a while, unless I manage to find a summer-friendly one. 
My search for new summer clothes was fulfilled when I attended the Max Fashions event last month complete with a fashion show preview of their latest collection and I managed to cross quite a few things on my check list. I'm going to be travelling soon, and I absolutely needed a few newer things in my wardrobe. So I decided to compile a list of my summer favourites and things you might just need to add to your own wardrobe!

Bathed in Sunlight


Can I just say how much I dislike the entire body-con trend without getting some backlash on "maybe I'm not too skinny to pull it off?" because that's the standard response I've seen all over, when anyone claims to hate the trend. But I have my reasons. The first and most important one being, I love to breathe. And no, sucking in my gut and taking in any less oxygen, just so that I look good in all angles, seems pretty terrible (and I've done this before, but, never again). As for shape-wear, I tried them on once, over 5 years ago, back when I was still very skinny, just to trim some of my unruly bits and was blessed with red and pink lace and mesh patterns on my skin for the next few hours, because I have pretty sensitive skin.

Easter Flowers


The holy week has been quite exciting this time. My birthday was on Good Friday and I got a lot of sympathetic wishes because almost everyone knew that I usually toast me turning old with a shot of something or the other but couldn't this time. But I'm used to this. It's not the first time my birthday coincided with good Friday but I obviously prefer when it's on Easter. So a very mellow celebration began with a couple of friends who surprised me with cake and we all ate just a tiny bit of it, but the biggest surprise came home at almost 2 am in the form of my sister and aunt who decided to come and spend time with the family during Easter and my birthday of course. None of us knew and we just baffled at that hour to see them but I was happy to see Sheehan even though it's hardly been a while since she left.

Lakme Fashion Week Summer 2015 | The mayhem that was..


Mayhem. Chaos. Apprehensions. Fashion weeks are full of it. From what to wear to which row you get to sit in and the number of designers that lend/gift you garments fresh off the runway (depending who you are), and all the areas that you would have or would not have access to. We've argued before about how Bollywood-ised it is, but then again, that's one way to ensure a show gets good media coverage and becomes less of a PR headache when starlets walk down at the end of the show, waving at starstruck fans and grinning at the cameras. While half of the people I encountered were there to relax and be seen and photographed, while a few wanted to catch shows of their favourite designers and brands, there was a little hope in the younger lot/students who looked very enthusiastic and overly excited about all the shows apart from those who were supposed to cover particular shows for their respective mediums. Along with my three companions, we set our priorities. Armed with a print out of the schedule for all 5 days, we spent a good half an hour marking shows we were going to watch with a tick and the ones we weren't with a question mark and finally the ones which were a no with a cross and followed this schedule. Here is a full account of the mayhem that went on for those 5 days.