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I know I spammed last week like a mad maniac on Instagram and managed to make a few people a little envious of my trip, and here are some more images. And since I cannot remember the last time I've ever uploaded an entire album dedicated to a party or trip or whatever on Facebook, I make sure I share the ones that don't make it to instagram (and the ones that did as well) in this space. All these images are taken either by mom or myself and a majority are from my phone, a few others from mom's digital camera and a couple from our DSLR.

About the trip, I've been asked about where we stayed and what we ate and other such things, and here's the whole breakdown. We took a taxi from the airport to Carmona in the south and stayed for two nights with family friends. From there Zalor beach was a short drive away. We visited nearby joints like  Rebello's Temptation Bar & Restaurant, Joe's River Cove, Jazz Inn and a few others as well, where we ate some amazing food, sang karaoke and saw some lovely live music performances. Our time in the south was a lot more lazy and relaxed as compared to the north. 
Soon after we made our way to the North and stayed with another friend at Anjuna. From there we went to Tin Tin bar and restaurant that has the most amazing burgers. If you do manage to visit, I'd recommend the "hellboy". We of course also went to Thalassa and had a lovely lunch whilst enjoying the beautiful view. From there mom and I proceeded to Calangute and from a previous trip I remembered a guest house that had several cats. To our luck there were able to offer us a room and we stayed there another two nights. From visiting both the over populous beaches of Calangute and Baga, this time I only had a refreshment at Britto (after shooting a post) instead of the usual lunch or dinner followed by blueberry cheesecake. The only place I would recommend here is a Tibetan food joint called Tibetan Kitchen which had the loveliest ambiance and food. We have never been such big fans of Calangute and Baga and we regretted staying here for 2 full nights. And we regretted it because our final stop at Ashvem was so breath-taking, we thought we should have completely avoided the previous 2 nights and should have gone there directly.
We took a taxi from Calangute to Ashvem and stopped at a random place (Boomerang Hotel) to check for rooms. To our luck, that happened to be a very lovely place with sea-facing rooms and a spa, although mom and I preferred to stay in the thatched huts as compared to the air conditioned rooms. We walked to La Plage for lunch as suggested by Rhea - that walk turned out to be almost a kilometer long on an ascending slope in the afternoon heat, mom hasn't forgiven me for that yet, but our hats saved the day. We also checked out the adjoining flea market-type area and spent the entire evening at the beach, in the water, watching the sun set. The next day which was our last day was again at the beach and began ta 7:30 am, and I must comment on how the beach here had literally 20 people as far as I could see and the water was very clear and beautiful. Soon it was time to leave, we took a taxi to Mapusa, to get a few things from the market and then headed towards the airport.

Get in touch for any queries regarding anything mentioned in the post and I'll be glad to answer them and help you plan your trip to Goa

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  1. Oh love it!! Amazing post and AMAZING pics.
    Kisses from Spain.
    Xoxo, P.

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  2. Roxanne you covered so many places in your short trip! That is so cool. Love that you traveled to all of these, I am yet to explore the south, hopefully it will happen soon. Love your vacation outfits!

  3. Nice photos :) M&MFASHIONBITES
    Maria V.