Fifth one's the charm | On getting inked, again


Last week I told my mum I'm getting another tattoo, and she said "again? why?" and I said "why not?". But since I shared that idea with a few friends, most of who supported it and a small minority (well two people) who asked "again?" and "one more?", I decided to go for it. As luck would have had it, a friend/tattoo artist, someone who I've never met in person, but am just Facebook friends with, and have had a few conversations with on messenger or whatsapp regarding tattoos, just launched his own website and a lovely offer as well. So taking advantage of the situation, I finally headed out to his studio and met him to discuss designs and fix a date. We agreed on the last day of this month and narrowed down to either a floral tattoo or a cat face on my forearm. That same evening, or more like at 2 am, he texted to tell me there was a sudden opening the very next day and if I was okay to get mine then, my enthusiasm made me jump and say yes!

So I doodled a cat, based on a drawing we found and a couple of other elements I wanted in my tattoo and took that to Inks and Needles. From there onward, Chirag Jhala and I narrowed down on two things, the triad glyph which symbolizes air and exploration and is made popular by 30 Seconds To Mars and are usually accompanied by the words Provehito in Altum which translates to "reach for the heights" or "launch forth into the deep." The other symbol I went for was a four leaf clover which is a symbol of good luck and each leaf is meant to represent - faith, hope, love and luck. There are a lot more interesting takes on a four leaf clover from claiming to hold a bit of paradise according to Christian legends or from the belief that you can actually see fairies with one from the middle ages, this was something I've always interested in. 

So after a little sketching and a few printouts to check placements, we began. Chirag suggested keeping most of the colour on the inner side on my forearm, where the skin is much lighter and wouldn't get tanned very easily to retain the colours. Since I wanted a watercolour tattoo, the colours were important, and as much as I wanted purple in the piece, I trusted Chirag with his judgement and let him go ahead with colours he felt were right. 

This is my fifth tattoo, and hopefully not my last. I've never been a "in your face" kind of person when it comes to tattoo's and I've always regarded them as personal things you choose to have on your body. But when you have something like this that is such a wonderful piece of art, you'd obviously want to show it off and flaunt it!

Chirag Jhala has been tattooing for almost 10 years already and runs his studio Inks and Needles in Andheri. He loves to experiment and gets over-joyed to do coloured pieces and something different rather than the very usual cliched text and other tattoos. So if you're looking to get a tattoo, no matter how big or small, I'd totally recommend contacting Chirag and visiting his studio. 

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  1. Ooh, love it in colour! I really want to get one soon! Because once I start, there are so many more I might want to get... And tattoos are personal, and I love the stories behind most. This guy's done a lovely job! Do any of your tattoos share history, in terms of having been inked in by the same artist, if you don't mind my asking?

    1. I agree with the "once I start, there are so many more I might want to get", because I'm always planning my next one. Always!
      All of my tattoos mean something, the first was a butterfly when I was 16, fresh out of school, which symbolized freedom and "new life". The next was a guitar with the words "music is my life" - pretty self explanatory. 3rd is a passage from John Keat's "Ode to a Nightingale" which I love, and I'm a lit freak too, and the passage and the entire ode in general means a lot because it was a phase in my life I went through and got out of, and it's very personal. 4th is a tiny compass, which when I got, at the same time my sister, Sheehan got an anchor and friend Patrick for a ship's wheel, so it's a nautical themed piece and it also plays tribute to each of our characters as individuals.
      I love talking about my tattoos and no one generally asks me such things about them :-)

  2. Ooh, how exciting! I love talking about tattoos generally, especially with people that have them (and hearing stories, as I've established before, haha.) Those sound great, I love the tiny compass - so intricate, tiny but very sweet, and honestly, I had no idea that that was a triad glyph or was called that... I've seen many plain triad glyphs as tattoos which are quite fascinating by themselves, and always wondered what they were. I have thought so much about what I should get first over the years, and it's changed too... The ideas. But there's one that has kind of been with me as a thought constantly for the past four years... And it's a tiny black heart. Sounds dumb, but it is a very plain one, in the shape of the general icon but which is less broader? I don't know! I want to get it this year... That's just a little one for symbolism. And script tattoos are just so much fun! Or I think they would be fun. Water colour tattoos are beautiful, and seem painful. I get very excited by finger tattoos and Mehendi like patterns, but some folks have advised me against getting finger tattoos because they fade away faster or something... Anyway, yeah. I love Harry Potter, so might even get one reminiscent of the Deathly Hallows, hehe! I want to read up more on the triad glyph and plain circle tattoos too, those seem interesting. And I love to look at geometric outlines on the skin... Thanks for replying, in such detail. :-)

  3. the tattoo looks painful but at the same time beautiful, just another way to express yourself and your passion