Bringing Animal Print to Fashion Week | All my 5 outfits


Fashion week is where good fashion meets with bad fashion. I mean no where else will you ever find a situation where you get a bevy of women wearing clothes clearly not meant for their body types (or even age) and try to walk around in the highest of heels, and stomp around the place, while trying to battle the wind (that plays very naughty when one decides to wear a shorter dress) as well as hang on to a handbag on the crook of their arm and look poised at all times. There will also be a healthy mix of seasons, like a winter jacket or a trench and a summer dress all at the same time, while wearing boots. But then, what is fashion week without all of this really? It's plain old boring.

Since this was my first, I didn't pay as much attention to my clothes since my first preference was to attend as many shows as possible, but I also wanted to pick comfortable pieces that wouldn't make me feel uneasy after a couple of hours, like most trendy clothes do! And I know how crazy and hectic it can get at shows, and I was there for all five days for almost 8-9 hours, something that I had foreseen, so I had already mentally decided, no heels! Also as coincidence would have had it, I managed to pick animal print pieces for 3 out of 5 days so I decided to let it be a theme, and went for it all 5 days. I also decided to wear different/new trends each day instead of going for something similar.


I started off fashion week with a pretty floral dress that mum got me, that was two sizes bigger than what I usually wear. But a belt fixed that and cinched in my waist. It felt safe, because you cannot go wrong with a dress right? Especially a pretty one like this! Of course I didn't take into account the lovely wind on the 9th floor outer area that seemed hell bent on making me flash my unmentionables. So I couldn't stand there for too long, not that I was there for long, I was busy attending shows, but for the small amount I was there, I had to sit or physically hold down my skirt to avoid a mishap. My animal print pieces here were my flats and sunnies that added a slight edgy to an otherwise feminine look, also the spiked sunnies did seem to spark some interest, and was once even snatched off from my face while I was wearing it by an ex-bigg boss-ite!

Floral dress and pink belt: Mast & Harbour, Myntra | Animal print studded sunnies: Splash | Neckpiece: thrifted 
Bracelets: c/o Aldo UAE | Pink watch: Guess | Bag: c/o StalkBuyLove | Animal print flats: Christian Siriano for Payless


I decided to go to my classic stylist day off  kind of look for the next day. On any other day, when I'm not doing blog-related things (events, shows, etc) this is what I usually wear. It's either a pair of distressed denims or acid wash denims. My style is always more relaxed and I like to pair it with a ganji or a tee and wear an over-sized cardigan over and keep it natural and effortless, like as if I just woke up, which is true every other time. Also had a pretty good hair day and I was comfortable all day in my sneaker wedges. My funky bag was quite the conversation starter, and if you want to network, you definitely need a star piece like this! The wind of course struck again, but this time I enjoyed a batman-like moment when my cardigan flew around like a cape behind me.

Pink leopard blouse: Noble Faith, Myntra | Distressed denims, neckpiece, rings and wedge sneakers: Forever 21
Cardigan: Dubai | Sunnies: Esprit, c/o Specs Appeal | Watch: c/o Aries Gold Watches | Filmy bag: Khau San street, Bangkok


The previous day I booked an appointment to get my hair and makeup done by the Lakme and Bed Head by Tigi team at the apartment for day 3, and so I decided to go a little more fancy and focus on individuality by wearing my favourite print on my favourite skirt along with my tee of my favourite band paired with my favourite shoes so as to not look like a clone after spending time with their team of professionals. Thanks to my rocker chic vibe from this day, they found it easier to do my hair and make-up and gave me sleeker hair (but the sun and moisture messed that up) and tried the Lakme Sculpt Look on me (again thanks to the harsh sun, it's not really noticeable) as well as Kylie Jenner lips. While the person in my selfies was unrecognizable, I still loved the full complete look and it was very strong. No jewelry here, because I didn't want to push it too far.

Animal print skirt: Koton, Dubai | Green Day tee: Bangkok | Two-tone denim jacket: c/o Gas Denims 
 Sunnies and red satchel: Forever 21 | Customised studded sneaker wedges: c/o Alberto Torresi


While I wasn't actually wearing designer clothes, I thought of going for a more straight off the runway kind of look with pieces that match and look like the perfect blend of separates. So with monochrome as a theme I picked my black culottes and wore a lace camisole under a white sleeveless jacket. Armed with my animal print clutch and matching brogues, I managed to get a lot of compliments on my accessories and a couple of times, even on the entire look. Because really, who doesn't like things that look expensive and well put together?

 White sleeveless blazer, sunnies and animal printed brogues: Forever 21 | Lace camisole: New Yorker, Dubai
Culottes: Noble Faith, Myntra | Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington | Bracelets: Promod | Animal print clutch: c/o Youshine 


The final day called for something a little different. Something a little like an experiment. A trend that maybe needed some tapping into. Off late I've always been into the skirt on skirt and the skirt on dress trend, and I thought of doing this look again. Before it became such a huge runway hit, I've worn this before, and it's pretty common to do this anyway. But apart from that, I decided to even experiment with my hair and make-up as you can see, not something I generally do, and it turned out pretty well. My hungry fish bag played conversation starter here. Also had some lovely skirt caught in the wind moments.

Zippered LBD and studded flats: Forever 21 | Animal print sheer skirt: Tailored | Neckpiece: Splash
Polka dot sunnies: Dolce & Gabbana, c/o | Fish bag: Aldo

Images: Leo from Stylefile

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  1. Loved the designer muse look, very poised & pulled together :)

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  3. This is fabulous xD Nice to see a theme/inspiration happening and also, not everyone can coordinate the same animal print in accessories (y)