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What I love about the freelancing and semi-joblessness is the midweek getaways, even if it really is for a day, or two. It's not like I need a vacation, because currently my life feels like one already without the picturesque views and touristic attractions and holiday shopping, because I'm up at nights as late as I want to, without the worries of waking up and going to shoots or an office (unless of course I'm actually shooting the next day) and I easily wake up just before noon, much to the annoyance of my mom, but that's a normal day. And then on some days, there are small mini getaways like this particular day.

The excuses to get away never truly end. Here we went to check out a friend's new place in Pune and while some time away. So here's what the afternoon and early evening looked like - us lounging on fancy barcaloungers a la Joey and Chandler style (someone even managed to fall off a while later, but I won't name the person), listening to music, exploring the still vacant but hugely spacious apartment, sipping on drinks and some played video games while I was glued to my book. And as I gazed out mid read, I saw the setting sun and jumped and said we should shoot and not waste this whole golden hour. So minutes later, I stepped into my shoes and added a dash of lipstick while my photographers (all three of them) got ready to shoot. Most of the images uploaded here are taken from camera 2 while I was "posing" for camera 1 because I'm really not used to having so many trained on me at a shoot!

Since this was right after our drive from Mumbai to Pune, I was dressed up for it. From my new Levi's 501CT, which by the way, I picked the anti-fit/oversized or as they called it the up sized version as compared to true-fit which I would usually pick and I paired it with even more loose silhouettes like an oversized tank tee and a kimono style floral jacket. I always test my outfits prior road trip outfits, because I'm usually always the one in the back seat, sleeping, and if luck is with me and I have no one to share the space with, I'll be fully sprawled across the seat, sleeping/listening to music/reading a book - and hence my clothes just have to be comfortable and I usually pick leggings or joggers, but the Levi's denims were a dream pair.

Denims: Levis 501 CT | tank top: Hill Road | Floral kimono jacket and studded flats : Max | Geometric neckpiece : Addons | OMG neckpiece : Forever 21 | Rings : mixed (Blur, Accessorize, thrifted)

Images: Sheehan D'souza, Patrick Miranda and Ron Sharma

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  1. Hi Roxanne,

    loved your simple and everyday style that's very easy to relate to. this is my first time here and would like to explore more of your outfit posts.

  2. Photos looks so amazing! Calm and full sun. This outfit looks so good on you.