Cats and a hint of Flower Power


Saying that I like cats is probably the understatement of the century. Anybody who knows me well enough or even follows me on Instagram will know it already. But as much as I keep telling people I'm not only a cat person, I'm a complete animal person in general (there was a time when I was still in school and was hell bent on becoming a vet) I still find myself inclining towards all the feline trends from the sunnies to the eye liner to even actual prints of the furry animals. So when I was introduced to Moooh!!, the first thing I saw on their homepage was a cat throw pillow and I knew I had to have it immediately!

I spent a short time on Moooh!! as I already knew what I wanted, and I wanted to get a lot more, but since it's a primarily China based company, due to the holidays, most of their garments will be shipped only after the first week of March. but in my enthusiasm to get my cat stuff, I placed my order already! Moooh!! ships all over the world and also offers free shipping, as they stock up in various warehouses in a few select countries and cater to neighbouring states and countries as well. Apart from interior and decor, they also have garments and accessories, and I have to say I really like their separates. The prints on the jackets and dresses are really cute and the shoes are something I need to try as well. Founded by an Italian, everything you'll see on their website is a perfect mix of the eclectic Asian style of fast fashion that incorporates affordable runway and high street fashion complete with Italian finesse. I've already "hearted" a bunch of my favourites and shall return to that soon enough!
My order reached me within a week and two of my cats have already tried to claim my throw pillow! Of course usually Puchu loves to laze around on gadgets (laptops, iPad, speakers, Xbox, etc) he took time to warm up to my pillow. Also he was too occupied by the basket I received some goodies in recently, and prefers to sit in it, for now. But Messi and Pucci are fans already. Of course I had to take them all three, when it came to the images! Also, we all noticed how the throw pillow really did look like Puchu's face, except for the difference in eye colour. Apart from that, as usual my mom has been busy making DIY paper flowers, that I used as a wall decor in the living room as the background for my images.

Dress and bangles: Promod | Neckpiece: ShazĂ©

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  1. I love this!! <3

    xKat //

  2. Wow, look at your cats, they're super cute! Awesome post :-)

  3. Wow, look at your cats...they're super cute! Awesome post :-)