Blue and White


How I landed under the sea-link for a quick outfit shoot is pretty random. I was in the area to visit the passport office, and I decided to kill two birds with one stone and get a new post ready instead of slacking off. So while I thought Worli Seaface which is cliched, Patrick suggested Worli Village. So we arrived after my work was done, just before noon and noticed it was low tide. So we both decided to make our way to the bottom of it, because I know everyone in the city has traveled via the Sea Link but really how many have literally been under it?

Cats and a hint of Flower Power


Saying that I like cats is probably the understatement of the century. Anybody who knows me well enough or even follows me on Instagram will know it already. But as much as I keep telling people I'm not only a cat person, I'm a complete animal person in general (there was a time when I was still in school and was hell bent on becoming a vet) I still find myself inclining towards all the feline trends from the sunnies to the eye liner to even actual prints of the furry animals. So when I was introduced to Moooh!!, the first thing I saw on their homepage was a cat throw pillow and I knew I had to have it immediately!

Fifties Girl


If there's one era that I adored completely, that would be from the 20's to the 50's. While that's not exactly one particular era, since each decade had their own ground breaking moments, I love so many elements from each of those decades and I really wish we dressed more like those days. But in a way, we still do, just a tiny bit. Like from the 20's and 30's we've picked the whole flapper trend and after The Great Gatsby, it's a regular party theme as well. Similarly we have the midi trend from those years, which suddenly made a comeback and which I personally love to death (even more than the mini and the maxi). Then from the 40's we have the body-con and structured dresses as well as the floaty chiffon empire dresses and lastly from the 50's we have one of my favourites, the full circular skirts and dresses, which again I absolutely love to wear!

Valentine's Day Special | Three fun looks for the day


It's that time of the year again, and it's a big dilemma when it comes to picking out an outfit, whether you care to celebrate Valentine's Day or just want to be extremely nonchalant about the fact that there really is a separate day to celebrate love. While most of us think red and hearts are cliched, we're naturally always drawn towards it and literally wear our hearts on our sleeves (or some other places) and really at the end of the day, as corny it might be, it still is cute. And the effort or the dire need to conform, will be appreciated by many.
Last year I did the heart print post after the whole Burberry oxblood heart print blouse happened, and believe me I tried to stay away from hearts again this year, but I guess I failed. This time it's just three different looks, for three different scenarios. 

Concrete Jungle


What I love about the freelancing and semi-joblessness is the midweek getaways, even if it really is for a day, or two. It's not like I need a vacation, because currently my life feels like one already without the picturesque views and touristic attractions and holiday shopping, because I'm up at nights as late as I want to, without the worries of waking up and going to shoots or an office (unless of course I'm actually shooting the next day) and I easily wake up just before noon, much to the annoyance of my mom, but that's a normal day. And then on some days, there are small mini getaways like this particular day.

Be your own stylist | Globus Spring Summer 2015


Earlier this week, I happened to be on the sets of Globus's new SS'15 shoot where I familiarized myself with their newest collection, spoke to a few of their creative heads regarding the inspiration and ideas behind their collection and also arranged jewelry on tables to click cool instagram images. Apart from these, and also apart from the fact that I totally enjoyed being on the sets of a shoot and not having to do anything *ahem talking about my days running around and pulling out my hair as a mad enslaved stylist* I also had my camera and took a lot of behind the scenes images of everything, while their shoot was on, and managed to capture a few fun moments. In this post, I share my some of my favourite looks and pieces as well as a small lowdown on Globus's latest collection.