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Self timed photos. No big deal right. The bloggers in this blogging industry has been doing this for the past decade or so, and have mastered the technique already. There are tons of articles telling you how to be comfortable taking your own pictures, not that the newer generation needs to be told that (hello selfies) but nevertheless it is a task. I prefer having a living person at the other end telling me my hand is out of the frame or that angle makes me look larger, instead of me clicking 4-5 images on burst mode and then realizing that after. But I gave it a go again. The last time I did was here.
This was never meant to be an outfit post. I mean it's just a plain old regular "off days" kind of look. With the comfy sweatshirt and a pair of jeans, I don't feel like a pioneer, but more like "stylist day off". I was heading out of the house after four whole days of being under the weather. For half of that duration I had my hair in a braid and when I opened up that braid, my hair seemed to fall around so well, that I just had to take pictures.
I also have to confess that I'm usually a little conscious when it comes to wearing jeans, because my legs are curvy. With the lack of a thigh gap and a pretty generous behind, I fill out my jeans a little too well. So I always like wearing skirts and dresses to camouflage the rest of me, or when I do wear jeans, it's with a tunic that is always very flattering. A loosely fitted sweatshirt is not something I team too often with denims, but more like with a pencil fitted skirt or I'd even like to experiment with a 50's style full circular skirt. Also how freaking awesome is this Adventure Time sweatshirt? <3 Jake the dog

My hair is what I love about me and I get the most compliments about it, as everyone else feels the same too. After the whole colouring process, most of my friends wanted to see how my hair would behave a week or two later. But the thing about my hair is, if it was a student in school, it would always get straight A's as it really truly behaves! Here, like I mentioned multiple times, I'm a huge fan of braiding a semi-wet mane and leaving it overnight because when I open it up, those waves are just something else, a cross between beach waves, I've used this technique several times before - here, here, here, here and here  (to name a few) and while it doesn't last the entire day, because my hair is too heavy to stay that way, I help retain the curls by tying it up in a bit for a bit, or scrunching with my hands. I go very easy on the products and the only thing I use currently is the Livon Moroccan Silk Serum which smells absolutely divine and helps keep my mane under control, and I use it religiously after ever hair wash; and sometimes the Tigi Small Talk 3 in 1 which again smells yum and I use mostly for styling purposes.
I'm a lazy person when it comes to my hair, and pay the least attention to it otherwise, only because it behaves itself. Since I don't even need to run a comb through it, the only hairstyle you'll ever see me sport is it straight down or with a few curls like in this post. I used to intern at a fashion magazine and most of the girls there fussed over my hair and asked me why I didn't experiment more with it. My excuse is that I just don't know how to! I definitely need help to do my hair. Besides a simple braid, I cannot do anything else for myself. I have a whole section dedicated to hair on pinterest and I've tried a bit, and not exactly been very successful, but I'm still making the effort. I've recently started following a nice blog and hopefully will be able to replicate their hairdos and share my own version soon. Till then, here are my four favourite ones - The braided half updo, this voluminous ponytail, this cute braided chignon  and this twisted fish-braid.

Reminder: The #HairIsFashion contest to win a free makeover is still on and you can get yourself something like what I got (or even better) by entering.

The Velvet Smooth Express Pedi from Scholl is a dream come true for most of us. With hectic schedules and incessant laziness, parlour visits have gotten shorter, or have just stopped altogether for me! So the tiny little product which can even fit in a handbag, comes handy and is extremely easy to use. While I was so content with the foot rub and massage I received at the event that day, on my return, my express pedi was taken away, by my father. My parents said "thank you for the gift" so I'm dead sure, I'll have to get a new one now, just for myself and enjoy my own little pedi in the confines of my room! For those who of you want to pamper your feet (men included) you can get your own pedi kit here.

Adventure Time sweatshirt: Streets of Colaba, 300/- | Denims: Garage, Dubai | Fish bag: Aldo | Sneakers: Steve Madden | Neckpiece: Linking Road, 100/-

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  1. You look really pretty! You shouldn't be worrying about wearing jeans at all!