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It seemed right to start the new year with a new look. So I was very enthusiastic and overly excited about my hair makeover at the Lakme Absolute Salon. After scheduling an appointment with their stylist (who asked me if I wanted to also colour my hair) I scoured through pinterest to find styles that I liked and at the same time consulted family and close friends to settle on a colour. Since I'm obsessed with purple, and it was a part of their lookbook, my mind was set on it. Also, you can win your own free hair makeover by commenting below and telling me why you think #HairIsFashion.
Contest runs till next Thursday (29th Jan) and is applicable to participants who reside in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune & Kolkata. 

On the day of my appointment, I went along with Sheehan and Patrick to their Bandra salon, and had a final look at their lookbook as well as spoke to my stylist in detail. There I learned that the colour I wanted was actually not available and they gave me an option to reschedule my appointment so that they could get the colour for me. But I was too anxious to reschedule and that would result into me going crazy over Pinterest again, so we decided against it. While Sheehan and I discussed about colours, my stylist managed to arrange for the last remaining bits of purple and talked me into a red+purple combination that would result into a nice colour combination. I was completely sold on that. There was a time when I was doing my A-Levels and I was  bit of a rebel then, and I had red and purple streaks in my hair, so I was happy to re-visit and reminisce those days. Also instead of streaks, we decided to go ombre and colour just my lower tips. In addition to colour, we decided I needed a trim and some new layers to frame my face and add more volume at the same time sticking with my original length. And so we began.

(Left) Final glances at their lookbook | (right) The entire bleach process which we kept for around 20-25 minutes 

After bleaching and drying. Bleach is known to make hair dry and needs extra care.

(Left) Adding the colour to my bleached tips | (Right) The hair cut that followed after the hair wash.

Adding the final touches.

And Voila!

And here is my colour in the sun. It always shows much better during the day - like a nice bright pink-red while at other times it's a shade of burgundy. 

White tank: H&M | Denims : Garage, Dubai | Cardigan: Max | Leopard flats: Christian Siriano for Payless

Comment below, why you think Hair is Fashion and stand a chance to win a makeover. I'd also love to know what you have in mind for your makeover!
Also leave an email ID I can use to get in touch with you, if you win. Good luck and get creative!
Multiple entries allowed.

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  1. #HairIsFashion because your hair commands the rest of your look. Like my hair dresser always said - Baal toh Gehna hota hai madam ji! :)

  2. #HairIsFashion because to be fashionable you need confidence that a good haircut/hairstyle can give you.
    I would love to get a sidecut for my makeover :)
    My email id is amy_joseph@gmail.com

  3. Love the colours. Nothing says fashion like super cool and manageable hair that looks awesome at all times. And that's why #HAIRISFASHION.
    I think colours like red and purple are always great.

    Email- priyanka_d87@hotmail.com

  4. Wowie. A beautiful hair makeover. ;) Well I've never done hair colouring so I'm not really sure as to what colour would suit me but I really loved yours. :)
    I think #HairIsFashion coz its just our hair which can make or break a look. For me my Hair is my most precious jewel that I can never part away with. Actually its just a girl's hair which adds to her natural beauty. We can experiment so much with our hair. So yeah #HairIsFashion in true sense. ;)
    Would so love to win it. :)
    My email id- chocolatygirl25@gmail.com

  5. #HairIsFashion because its long its short , wavy or straight, colored or grey , Messy or neat . As there is a shoe for every outfit there is a hairstyle for the same . Fashion defines your personality ,Hair defines You

  6. There are so many things that can be done to your hair in terms of making it look fashionably. I've had it permed when I was younger and straightened so many times, and I've gone from shoulder length to a bob as well and there are still many other endless possibilities. And that's why #HairIsFashion

  7. #HairIsFashion because it is a gateway to happiness, composure and certainty. Isn't that all a virtuous woman needs! :D

  8. wow that makeover,really amazing how you still have the length and volume after the haircut!
    Honestly my hair means everything and its one and only resort to pulling off any outfit ,be it the shabbiest combo of t-shirts and shorts too. My hair is my fashion,i'm not into jewellery or make up as much as i am into maintaining my hair,so much so that i have never let anyone straighten it with a iron! im more of the traditional 'oil you hair' kinda girl
    Hair definitely is fashion,you can have almost all kinds of hair cuts at least once in your life.It brings out the SEXY in a woman ,builds up your self confidence !! (especially when your dancing ) and I think your hair can make you look pretty even if you have no make up or expensive clothes and well if u lucky enough to have it all, your hair is just an additional bonus and enhancement to ur good looks.
    Ufff,What would i do without my hair !!

    My email id ,rosannalobo27@hotmail.com

  9. Hair Is Fashion cuz the hair speaks about everything. The first thing a person notices about you is your hairstyle and its important to keep it stylish and fashionable.


  10. #HairIsFashion because I love my hair and I cannot stop fussing over it every day and can never decide if I want to wear it up or down or in braids. Would love to get it coloured now :-)


  11. I have experimented with my hair from the time I was small, as I've always thought apart from clothes, #hairisfashion as well. I still love to try new hairdos and cut my hair every 4 months.


  12. Love your hair color and makeover!
    Great hair can make even a boring outfit look well put together.It's amazing the amount of confidence great hair can give!

  13. Most people don't pay much attention to their hair and always skip it or settle for regular hairdos when it comes to dressing up but I think #HairIsFashion and should require an equal amount of time when dressing up.

    The purple tips would have looked awesome on you, but I think this is pretty cool as well.

    Preetika Dhakad

  14. I cherish my hair and get so possessive when anyone touches it and only trust it to the professionals. #hairidfashion because you may be dressed up from head to toe in the best, but when you don't pay attention to your hair, it's useless.

    I would love to colour my hair red.


  15. Hair is fashion because I'm always excited to try new trends and styles for my hair just as I like trying new clothing trends.
    I have long hair so I think I will go for layers and some blond highlights.

    email- anitaseq.ueira@gmail.com

  16. OMG! I love your hair. Hair is fashion because that's the only thing that stays on you. Make-up and clothes can be removed, but good hair makes the person's appearance. That's why #HairisFashion.


  17. I'm so excited! Hair is fashion because there are soo many things you can actually do to your hair! From hair dos and styling. I love wearing my hair in different kinds of braids.


  18. Hair is Fashion because my hair is the first thing I look after before getting to bed and after waking up. It deserves a lot of special attention and care so that it looks beautiful. I would like to get an asymmetrical bob with highlights.


  19. #HairIsFashion because your hair is the most important thing and you would always want to take care of it and style it in the latest styles to be trendy and fashionable.


  20. I've always been excited about getting my hair done and I love to visit the parlour every few months. #HairIsFashion because there is truly nothing else that can make you look more striking besides a lovely hair cut and hair style.


  21. #HairIsFashion because I've always been more inclined to styling my hair than what I wear. It's always been that way for me.
    I'd love to get bangs as I've never had them before and would love to experiment.


  22. How lovely. I want to colour mah hair so badly! My mom just never let mee :-(
    Hair is fashion because it is the finishing touches that add to each look, and the hair should never be neglected


  23. My hair is my life. I try new hair styles every single day and that's why I think #HairIsFashion.
    I think I will like to cut my hair a little and colour it as well. Excited!


  24. #HairIsFashion - Because hair represents our personality and one wrong cut/ part/ color/ style can make you look 'not yourself'. And with 'not-urself-kinda-hair' you can attract 'not-your-kind' of friends/ acquaintances and what not. You see ....how much it matters, it almost changes lives **wink wink**

  25. Everyone knows how obsessed I am about my own hair. Hair is fashion because you can transform your hair into whatever you want, however you want. I'm looking forward to getting streaks and lots of layers in my hair.

  26. I used to always wear my hair down, in a single hairstyle. I never experimented or did nything. Then I started watching a few youtube vids and I saw all the cool things you can actually do wid your hair. And that's when I realised #HAIRISFASHION.
    Now I'd like to get a great haircut and colour my hair some cool colour.

  27. Hair is fshion bcuz the hairs can be made into a lot of things from big hairstyles and even small ones. Every Indian women has beautiful hairs as v are all born with it and v have to take gud care of it.


  28. After growing up as a tomboy with a blunt hair cut, I'm ready to experiment with my virginal hair. Now of course my then hair cut is "fashionable" as the whole androgyny thing is big. Maybe I'll go back to it. #HairIsFashion because whether you like it or not, it does contribute to your entire look in every way possible and there's no escaping.
    email- poojasharma27@gmail.com

  29. #HairISFashion is something every girls knows and lives by. I know I do. I've always taken good care of my hair and my salon visits are also monthly. I really like the ombre effect and would like to give it a try.

  30. Hair is fashion because with a good hairstyle you will have confidence to rock anything you wear. That is why we need to pay more attention to our hair. nishashah00@gmail.com

  31. I've always wanted green hair for some reason. #Hairisfashion because you don't need to be a certain size to wear a hairstyle. Any will do.

  32. #HAIRISFASHION as you can do whatever you want with your hair. From cutting it to colouring it to styling it. SO many things. I love to try on different hairstyles always

  33. #HairisFashion because hair is awesome. We can tie it up or let it down. I like to tie high ponies as they make the face look slimmer also. (riyadutt6@hotmail.com)

  34. I looooove my hair. I'm so possessive and don't like any1 messing it up. The wind is grrrrr. Really. Lol.
    #HairIsFashion because you can do anything you want with yours and I love how hairstyles evolve across the ages.

    mail: alina_silva@gmail.com

  35. Women and their hair are a never ending story. #HairIsFashion because we all love our tresses and we'll do anything to take care of them, from the craziest beauty rituals all just to get that bounce and shine.

  36. First things first.. Love the color :) it's my favorite.. #HairIsFashion‬ because for me when my hair looks good, i feel confident! My haircut and color is an extension of myself and my qualities. Your hair can say a lot about you and people can perceive you in the way you want them too. I have experimented with haircuts and I can say that everytime I had a different haircut, I looked different and people assumed I looked cute, i had attitude, etc. HAIR DEFINES YOU.

    I'd love to try a different ombre color this time

    1. Oops! Forgot to mention my email id, here you go : closetclearin@gmail.com