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Juhu Beach Gola

Sometime last month (or I should be saying last year), Aries Gold got hold of me and tempted me with their fabulous pieces and their theme - which is wanderlust - all of which really excited me. So for this post, I decided to go with the theme and shot around several places in the city. Each of which are either touristic or the most visit-able attractions according to me because wanderlust, is that incessant need to explore and discover, wherever you are.

One of those very recognizable places is Juhu Beach with all the street stalls; which I visited a lot when I studied my A-Levels at a Juhu college. In fact my friends and I would wait for a free lecture so that we could go to the beach, which was just a seven minute walk away, and have our daily dose of some yummy chaat food. Now I rarely visit, which is a pity. But whenever I do, I have to have my own little dose of iced gola!
One place that I visit a little too often is Bandra. I shop there. Hill Road is where I'll always be found when I have to shop, because that's where the best jewelry lives. When I buy jewelry online, I have this terrible feeling and I feel like I'm cheating on Raju,(who is my neckpiece dealer, to set things straight) who always gives me best rates and has the most breath-taking pieces, that I put off visiting his stall, because I go too crazy otherwise. I also love discovering new and fun places to eat at and just chill in general, and only Bandra has these amazing eateries that just pop out of nowhere and are so much fun. I tried a new one here and I loved the drawings on the wall as well as mugs our bill was placed in. Only in Bandra guys. Only in Bandra.
Lastly, Colaba is a quite recent haunt of mine, and happens still rarely, but whenever I have an event or party in town, I always end up in at Irish for happy hours with a friend, or walking through Colaba Causeway, which is another fashion haven in this city. And of course besides the drinks and shopping, who can ignore the lovely architecture when it comes to old buildings and hotels and the lovely heritage sites and even the streets for that matter?

Back to Aries Gold, the watch I'm wearing is from their Enchant collection and comes in a few neutral colours, but of course I was totally sold with the purple and rose gold. The dial has these tiny sparkly Swarovski crystals and can be really blinding during the day, but I love it, and cannot stop wearing this one. They currently do not have a website where you can order from and are working on getting that up soon, but you can drop them an email at for inquiries or to order the watch you would like to buy (browse through their catalogue) and use my name as a reference to get yourself a 15% discount on the price along with free shipping. 

From the time I was deciding what to do for this post to the time we shot  at the places, till the second I wrote this line, "City of Angels" by 30 Seconds to Mars has been playing over and over in my head, hence the title. I'd recommend listening to that and swooning over Leto's voice while going through all the images!

Gateway of India
Leopard print ballet flats
Super man and wonder woman mugs
Colaba causeway shopping - lamps and articles
Aries Gold Watch
Juhu Beach gola
Mumbai local trians
Gateway of India promenade
cat coin purse for the cat lady in you from colaba causeway
from where I stand
Indian fashion blog
Bandra street shopping
Gateway of India
roxanne dsouza
necklaces at bandra
gateway of india
Mumbai local trains

Locations: Juhu Beach | Me So Happi (Linking Road) | Raju's jewelry shop (Hill Road) | Marine Lines station | Colaba Causeway | Gateway of India, monument and promenade.

Watch: c/o Aries Gold Watches, Enchant collection; model- Belle 500 (RG-PURPLE)
Juhu Outfit - Black muscle tee, jeggings and neckpiece - Forever 21 | Denim Jacket: Global Desi | Sneakers : Vans (DIYed) | Sling bag: Bershka | Flash tattoos: c/o Urban Turban
Bandra outfit: T-shirt: Only | Boyfriend jeans: Forever 21 | Cardigan: gift | Flats : Christian Siriano for Payless | Bucket bag: Cupidity | Ring: Mavi x Koovs | Neckpiece & bracelets: thrifted
Colaba Outfit: Fuchsia blouse: Dressberry | Brocade skirt: tailored | Tote : Aldo | Flats: Max | Bracelets : Dragon Mart, Dubai | Shades : Forever 21

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  2. orgeous! You look in every outfit.. So naturally cool.. Love the post, beautiful pictures ;) fell in love with the watch ever since I saw i saw your first post..purple is my favorite color!!!
    How much would it cost??

    1. Thank you Asha. The watches range from 150-400 USD. It's best to get in touch with them via email ( and they'll help you with any model and their respective price. Also use my name as a reference for a 15% discount and free shipping!

  3. Love the last shot & the one with ice gola! No one rocks arm candy like you<3

  4. You have beautifully captured the colours and sights of the city. Lovely post.
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  6. The streets of Mumbai have been captured soo beautifully in this post. I loved your skirt. You said it is tailored? Who is your tailor, stitches soo beautifully. :)

  7. Beautiful pictures!

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