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Barely a week into colouring my hair, I think I've had more fun thinking of colour combinations that would make my colour stand out. So far, all shades of blue seem to work really fine, and so does dark colours. While white seems to make my colour much darker. I'm still of course discovering this and at the same time dreading every hair wash, because colours like red and purple are all fast colours, and run with every wash, until there's none left. My saving grace at the end of it it all, when only the bleach remains will be my stash of hair chalk that I've not had the chance to use yet, but now seems like the best time to do it, and my colour fading doesn't seem like such a bad thing after all.

Onto the outfit, I've always liked vintage silhouettes particularly the leaner midi styles from the 40's and the poofier one from the 50's and this particular dress felt so vintage in every aspect from the powder blue shade to the print and the silhouette. To compliment the dress I used shades of pink - peach - coral when it came to my accessories, and apart from the fact that I look like I walked out of Meghan Trainor's "All about that bass" video, I pretty much love the entire feminine colour scheme - which I know I always stay away from usually. Another thing I absolutely love is what a steal this entire look has been, as I shopped most of these during the sale (More on that at the bottom) and believe it not, this entire look is under 2k. Funny thing is, I never aimed to do a budget look/post at all. I realized it all feel into that category much after I shot the look and I thought I really needed to share it because you really don't need a lavish budget when it comes to dressing up!

Reminder: The #HairIsFashion contest to win a free makeover is still on and you can get yourself something like what I got (or even better) by entering.

Polka dotted midi dress: Topshop, bought from Pax in Colaba - 299/- at discount | Black lace bralet: Victoria's Secret, Dubai, 500/- approximately on discounted price | Statement neckpiece: Splash, 450/- at 50% discount | Baby pink quilted bag: Lokhandwala, 500/- after bargaining | Pink watch: Guess, free after shopping for over 8k at Splash* | Coral sandals: Shoe Mart, Dubai - 5 dirhams (roughly 80/-) on damaged discounted stock

*Back when I was styling and sourcing for my fashion shows, I paid a visit to Splash at the mall, where they had an offer where for every 8k you would spend, you would get a Guess watch of your choice free. I managed to check off most items off of my list right there and walked away with two watches, for me and my colleague.

The trick to scoring the best deals and bargains is patience. When I was at the store I bought the dress from, I was almost ready to walk out, but Sheehan was taking her time, so I tried to while my time as well, and found this dress hidden somewhere between racks. Similar story with the neckpiece at Splash. It was the weekend and was really crowded at the mall and I really didn't want to push through shoppers to have a look at the accessory section, but I did anyway, and found it, and it was the only piece at that time. I think ten other women looked at me with rage as I held on to that neckpiece for dear life. As for the watch, when there's something free, we all get really excited because it's really an Indian thing to spend a lot to get something "free". But this made sense as I was shopping for a show and not spending my own money and I was still getting something for me. A bonus, as I called it at that time. Lastly the shoes that I absolutely love were thrown in a corner rack at the store, and when I went to look at them, the lady from the store tried to tell me not to waste my time looking at damaged and old stock. The thing about shoes is, when I buy them, I don't need them to always be scratch free as I know one wear later, it will get into that same state. They're shoes after all. So I've always been very open minded about them. I picked two pairs from that damaged rack, and they were retailing at 10 dirhams each, and at the same time the store had a 50% discount, so I got both pairs for 5 dirhams each.

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  1. Your hair looks so amazing! Dress seems to be very interesting, love the way you styled it.