2014 | My Most Favourite Moments


Before I can start off this year with all my new posts and outfits and whatever else, I wanted to do a small throwback sort of thing to 2014 of all my favourite, happiest and proudest moments - that include achievements, gigantic steps and new changes, because I want to give a shout out to everyone from my friends to my family who helped me put most of my things together, because if not for them, I wouldn't have been where I am right now. Also a big shout out to my cat, who is a born star and camera whore and helped me get new fans, fans who like to see him a lot more than me, but I'm not complaining. The last year was really a journey of firsts and exploration and testing waters and trying on newer things.

I started 2014 with a big change. A complete re-branding with a new logo and a new template that I took months to finalize on. Of course to match up to that change, I had to have a dramatic and different kind of outfit and look altogether. That's where I started thinking a little out of the box when it came to my outfit and writing. I knew I would not always survive on "look how pretty my shoes are" and "I bought this dress yesterday" and I added more substance in the terms of written content and visualization.

It was a surreal moment, from the time a friend told me I was shortlisted at the BlogAdda awards to the time I was asking friends and family to vote for me, because I'm not one of the popular kids till even when I became a final nominee and finally to the time I actually heard my name called by the presenter at the event. This was when I gave myself a reality check, and said, maybe I am good at this, and this is something I need to do more often, and focus a lot more on...

I'd been after myself to do a lot more DIYs, but either I was a little too lazy or a little too busy, the former mostly! But I definitely wanted to start a channel and I thought it was now or never, and I did it! Of course my first one had to be more experimental and fun.


A few months after the win, I finally took the plunge. I said goodbye to my full time job, and decided to focus more on my blog and a bit of freelance writing. It was a big step, but it's going pretty good so far.


What makes me enjoy what I do so much is that I have a collection of awesome peers who have their own successful blogs and we have become a close family. We wait for events so that we can "socialize" with ourselves and even when there aren't any, we make our own. It's funny how most bloggers look at each other as competition but we don't feel that at all. We all have our own niche and are incomparable to each other. In fact we even share our posts ideas and drafts with each other. While I don't want to name them, they know who they are.


With my resignation, came the need to take a little vacation, and with that trip, I added a new tab and section to the blog, to documents travel and related articles and outfits, both international and national.

After my launch, I realized that as awesome as my template was, it suddenly became a little too popular and almost everyone had it (and still does). Since I like being the black sheep, I decided I needed a new one, that was not just a free downloadable, and with that came my newer branding, which I felt was a lot more me, because in terms of colour and design, it was exactly what I wanted, and who better than me to do it?


While I never celebrated or even acknowledged the birthday of my blog, I finally did it, because it's not really something I can ignore because clearly that particular days, 4 years ago, I made an impromptu decision that would just change my life in ways I could not imagine!


I thought December would be mellow and I'll be stuffing myself with Christmas sweets and will have no to time to blog, but I actually found the time to put up 8 different posts - the highest number that has been consistent in the last 3 months. To make things even more crazier, 4 out of those 8 posts were selected to be featured in Independent Fashion Blogger's Links a la Mode! The best kind of motivation to work and do more!

Here's to another amazing year of fun, awesome collaborations, a lot of events and some more happy hours moments and exciting new posts.

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