The Best of 2015


It's the end of another year. Like always, here's a customary throwback to my most favourite/awesome moments. Of course, since this is my personal blog, all these moments are MY PERSONAL moments. So if you came here to look at pictures of Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus and their respective antics, then you'll be very disappointed. While I didn't form a big girl squad with famous people or get married (like most of the people around me) or even get a boyfriend for that matter, I still had a pretty productive year, in terms of work and leisure. This year, I really paid close attention to all those quotes I've been pinning for ages on Pinterest and got some real inspiration to make some of my dreams come true, most of which were related to travel itself. Out of the 12 months this year, I've been on vacation for at least 3 whole months for sure, if not more! I've seen some pretty places, old and new, and met some exciting people, famous and plain old regular. I could not have asked for a better year!

Winter Fest with Globus


I've been in serious envy of those who get to don their boots and layer up during winter and I've been very vocal about it too. It's not fair that Mumbai gets a very blah temperature while a most major areas of the country actually experience a nicer winter! I've still try to incorporate a little bit of winter wear into my wardrobe, but it only goes as far as cardigans and on rare occasions a jacket or a sweatshirt. So when Globus and I got together to put a few looks together, I was very excited to plan a story with a few winter staples, while keeping in mind the festive aspect.
We decided to pay close attention to events and happenings during this season and draw up two options each, for parties or gatherings at the office, with the family, with friends or even for an outdoor getaway, using separates from Globus's latest collection. So be prepared to mix up stripes and culottes, granny cardigans with skirts with massive side slits and multiple ways to mix up and wear an LBD. A little bit of glitz paired with fuss-free pieces and cozy separates will make you a head turner and give you a free pass for turning up fashionably late.

Festivities | Rhythm Winery fruit wines


One thing about Christmas is the assured visits from friends and neighbours and family members, all of the purpose of exchanging sweets and pleasantries. While sampling Christmas cookies can be penned down as the best activity during the holidays, for me, a glass of wine every now and then is a close second best. While some people don't exactly love to drink wine, since they don't understand it, they need something easier and fuss free for the same. And that's where fruit flavoured wines come in. Somehow  a person who is less likely to drink a white or a red will almost most certainly like to sample a fruit wine.
My history with fruit wines during Christmas started a long time ago when a few family members brought back an amazing peach wine cooler pack from New Zealand, and that was the drink served in my house for 2 weeks straight (it was 7 litres!) After that, I developed a taste and I needed my wine! So this Christmas I picked two of my favourite flavours from Rhythm Winery - Peach and Plum.

The Wella at Jean Claude Biguine experience


Last month, I was invited over by the nice people at Jean Claude Biguine to try out their new collaborative venture with Wella which resulted into a bit of a groundbreaking sort of technique that included a bunch of amazing hair services. Since I already coloured my hair earlier this year and still have my ombre tips, I decided to skip the colour and go for a different treatment. But also, from the time I was younger, I've always heard about Wella and used it previously when I've coloured my hair, so I still wanted to experience or in this case witness the colouring process, so I took along my younger cousin, Chrislyn for the same. Both of us set out that day without a single thought in our heads or any rigid ideas about what we wanted, and we were completely open to anyone's suggestion.

Black Magic


While Diwali has concluded and the lanterns are being put away, the paper and plastic stars are slowly taking it's place and we're already gearing up for Xmas and the coming New Year with a lot more decorations! And let's not forget the weddings that always seem to take place in between. I already have a few lined up, and it's pretty exciting. Of course with all these celebrations and parties comes the urge to invest in new clothing. As much as I love wearing colour, I find that a purple dress is a lot more memorable and I get tagged in too many pictures on Facebook from every party I go to (thanks to my parents) so repeating that purple dress so soon is not something I look forward to doing. That's why I always prefer buying more LBDs and other darker colours. They're a lot easier to repeat and style. 

Shop by Shape : What to wear for your body type


As far as fashion advices go, there's wear the correct size and learn to identify your body shape and type, the latter, which most women tend to forget. If you've opened up a magazine and looked at style advice sections or seen inputs from stylists, you'll know already, that the main identifiable body shapes are apple, pear, column and hourglass. There are a few variations in each, and if you need help getting your shape identified, you can check simply with a body shape calculator.
Now, the reason it's so important to know your body shape is because unlike half a decade ago, where you had an opportunity to spend an entire day at the mall and try on as many clothes as you wanted, before you make your purchase, in today's day, you do that within the confines of your own living space or while on the go from your smart phone. So you have to have the basic knowledge about how a particular dress will look on you, before you actually wear it. A model will always wear a size S or XS, while you may have to buy whichever you fit into. Without the correct judgment, you may end up purchasing a dress that might make your hips look a lot bulkier than they actually are, or a tee that might frame your torso incorrectly so that it shows that you have a paunch (whether you do or not). While the pattern and design of your selected item plays an important role on it's fit, the fabric is equally important.

Homemade Guava Sangria (with a twist)


I've always been either a cocktail person or a complete wine drinker. And of course rum too! But my wine drinking however always put me in the spot.  It's strange how when someone always orders a glass of wine, they could be perceived as a pretentious elitist or a poser (and I did get that for a while!), but, if they were to substitute that glass of wine with a glass (or pitcher) of sangria they are seen as a refreshing person with a strong zest for life and immense fun to be around with. I mean a basic sangria just has a few chopped up fruits in them. How does fruit make you more fun?  I still stick to my "boring old" wine ways mostly, but every now and then, I do order a pitcher of sangria when I'm out with my friends. Or better yet, dad makes a concoction of his own.
Most sangrias don't call for anything more than wine and your choice of fruit and is very easy to do. A few nicer ones might have a dash of syrup or a spirit or even a spice like cinnamon for a more refined taste. Mine has quite a few eye-raising ingredients and is packed with quite a punch. 

Festival Song


Already almost a fortnight into November and the festivities are still manifesting! And it's so hard to keep away. So I felt the spirit of Diwali and decided I had to do an Indian outfit again. I rarely do any of those and it's such a pity. What's even more sad is that I rarely get occasions to wear these pretty pieces as well. I wait for weddings and celebrations where I can play dress up because there is nothing prettier than Indian clothes and the whole aspect of how regal the pieces can look. I sometimes wish I could have lived in a palace where such clothing was mandatory for all residents and it would be very strange to not come down for breakfast dressed like you're about to go for a wedding reception. That would really be something. So much for wishful thinking!

Beautiful Place


You may notice something a little different in this post. I'm a little too smiley, which is unlike me, since I get awkward and tense up for most pictures. But I would attribute the smiles to a very nice meal that left all of us pretty satiated. Asian food always tends to bring out the best in me. The other, is that one of my favourite bands - Good Charlotte - just reunited! Finally, the last one is the excitement of finding the perfect place or the right kind of setting to wear a trench coat without absolutely dying in the heat! 
I always tend to feel a little cold in some malls or offices and even the movie theater. And when I go to a few fancy places to dine, it's the same. So I figured, if I cannot wear a trench in the normal way like most people do for winters, at least here in Mumbai, I can carry mine along and put it on when faced with air conditioners that are on full blast. And guess what? It actually worked. 

Globus AW’15 Trend: Layering up


The best part about living in Mumbai, is that we literally have two seasons, the summer and the rains, since we hardly ever experience the winters, save for a few cold nights a few times a year, but still, a bit of layering with your summer wardrobe still works. The worst part about Mumbai, is that we hardly ever experience cold weather, so that means no cute boots or trench coats and woolen anythings. But you have to make the best of what you have right?
Due to which recycling your summer wardrobe is actually a fun part. I layer all year round and my cardigans are practically my best friends. When it comes to dressing up for winter, I like playing around with different pieces and textures and even prints. So, this winter, I got together with Globus to create 5 distinctive looks that work for winter and can be carried forward and worn in summer as well. And along with layers, I also decided to add some jazz and mix a few prints as well.

Pomegranate cocktail


I've been thinking about starting this segment for the longest time and well, here's the first of hopefully many more to come. Most of my friends know how obsessed I am with cocktails. Whether it's a party or event, I'm always at the bar, getting my drink, and it's usually always a cosmo. A lot of my friends also know that while I can make a mean cosmo myself, the expert in my family is my dad, who used to be a bartender and bar manager on a cruise ship, so I've always had him making me drinks from scratch at home. So he's going to be a part of this series and we'll be making all kinds of fancy cocktails (and sometimes mocktails as well). 

Solitude is Bliss


                                                                                          Nothing else matters, I don't care what I miss

                                                                                                   Company's okay, solitude is bliss

                                                                                       There's a party in my head and no one is invited

Sometimes I really just like to put on a nice dress and go grocery shopping with my little cane bag. Without any make-up. And maybe just a minimal amount of accessories. But yes, I really was going grocery shopping here. Of course, the store I was going to was a couple of miles and a bus ride away from where I was staying. And I was staying on a hill top in a wonderful little bed and breakfast in Italy, Trebiano, to be precise, which is a tiny little village that my landlady called the "cat village". Of course, the quaint little place lived up to it's name and there was a cat in every corner. I have never gotten so excited in my life, ever, spotting cats around!

The Vault


I've been very very lucky this year. This is my second international trip, and this, like the earlier one is also purely for fun. I think I've begun to take advantages of the fact that I'm not tied down to an office and a boss and have to keep placing in requests for leaves and day offs. With my previous job, I even managed to miss a school reunion, which took place on a Sunday! Because the life of a stylist usually has no holidays. But now that I'm my own boss, it's been very rewarding. Currently, I'm enjoying 2 weeks in Dubai, with my family. 

Fashion Flashback at the Lakme Fashion Week


This fashion week, I almost went via a different direction when picking a theme for my outfits, but the sudden surge of videos all over social media especially those from Cut Video and Mode video, that I religiously follow, with their 100 years of fashion/beauty (be it Indian or Italian) suddenly inspired me to do my own little fashion throwback to some of the glorious decades we've had, in fashion.
Since a major part of what I wear is influenced by the tunes I'm listening to, and the kind of mood it sets me into, I associated each outfit with a particular song from that decade and had that in mind when I created my entire outfit. While I did want to be as accurate as I could, I also didn't want to seem like I stepped out of a time capsule, and went for a more modern take on each look.

The Wrogn Auditions | Win a hangover in Vegas


How far will you go to win a hangover in Vegas along with three of your selected friends? Don't worry, none of your friends have to be involved in either stages of tying the knot so it doesn't have to be a bachelor party. Hell it doesn't even have to be an all boys group, it can be a girl's hangover trip too! But the question really is how far will you go? Virat Kohli's recently launched clothing line Wrogn, is sending one extremely lucky person + their entourage for an unforgettable experience in Vegas!

Globus A/W Ethnic wear


Seems like just last month when I was with the Globus team while they shot their Spring Summer collection and we've already suddenly arrived at the winter collection! Time really flies fast. Luckily for us, we don't have major season changes and most of the time S/S and A/W are a bit redundant, but we still follow that pattern. But while the world showcases their A/W clothes as warm and cozy, we have a festive spin because this is the time we are hit with all sorts of festive occasions that cater to a lot of people from various religious backgrounds. And that's exactly what Globus's ethnic collection has in store for you this time. 

Switching off...


Most days are "off days". Or to a non-fashion blogger, a regular day. My off-day uniform is a nice pair of jeans (well fitted or anti fit and distressed) along with a cutesy blouse or a tee and always a cardigan. My shoes are either flats or slip ons and sometimes sneakers. I rarely wear jewelry, and if, while in the hurry to leave my place, I spot a neckpiece lying around from the event I attended almost a week ago (I'm a messy person) then I just throw it on. If I get a call from a friend asking me to get ready to go out, I'll take not more than 7 minutes to get ready, along with my makeup which consists of lipstick and sometimes some liner. My hair is as it is, always.

8 trendy style lessons | Lakme Fashion Week, Winter Festive 2015 edition


Fashion weeks can be deemed as the most superficial things ever. I've seen a lot of non-fashion enthusiasts talk about how everything is so repetitive and cliched, from the new trends that come in every season to how a magazine might try and sell us mortals a new fad and don't forget that "it" bag that might cost you an arm and a leg and at least half the hair on your head. They say that fashion weeks deserve a miss, because currently in the country, there's just too many of them.
But the fashion lover in me, sees a lot more than those superficial things and tries to find things on the inside. I try hard to overlook the cliche and appreciate the effort. Trends get recycled. Things my mom wore, is now being sold to me. If only she had kept all her old clothes, I wouldn't even need a new wardrobe to fit in. But fashion is a lot more. Fashion weeks offer a lot more. It's an open interpretation to each of us, where you come, you see and you take what you get from it. I always over-analyse things and will continue to do so.

Los colores de Barcelona


When I visited Spain, I wasn't prepared for the burst of colour(s) that would hit from the minute I walked out of the airport. From the beautifully painted mural at the Barcelona airport (which I didn't get to click any pictures at, since I was in a hurry, both times) to the literal works of art all over the city and not to mention the saturated blue skies and lush green gardens, and of course the gastronomic delights. I knew at once, my Barcelona post was going to be one of the most colourful post of all! So I snapped away, capturing some lovely moments and some of my favourite places during my short little stay.

Travel Diary | Belgium & Holland


Here's the Dutch-Belgian side of my lovely vacation. I have Dutch family who actually stay near Brussels so my base was set up there, while I visited a few other countries/cities. So I began with Brussels and then towards the Dutch cities - Delft and Amsterdam and Maastricht and the beach in Holland. And of course the lovely cities Gent and Brugges in Belgium. I was with my aunt and cousins most of the time and I also got to visit both the cities my cousins were studying in and see their dorm rooms as well as the nearby sights. 
This post is a selection of my favourite images from these cities. As you can probably tell, I was obsessed with Zaanse Schans and the windmills all around! I was obviously sad because I didn't get to see the tulips in bloom because I was a couple of weeks too late! But the canals and beautiful blue skies made up for it. And of course the darling cats! At the house I stayed at when we visited Amsterdam. 

Pink Paris


One fine morning in Paris, I decided to wear the prettiest dress that resided in my suitcase. This dress seemed to match the dreamy state of mind that one has, when in Paris. This dress also seemed to compliment and stand out fantastically from my surroundings, whether it was the colourful carousel, the dull Eiffel Tower, the greens in the park or the blue skies. Everything just fit in, somehow.
It started with the Dubai trip. Dubai and shopping have always gone hand in hand for me, and there were 3-4 trips to the mall on a weekly basis. And I was there for 4 weeks! But every single time, I had to tell myself to take it easy because Dubai was just my first destination and I had to not empty my bank account shopping there as I had some lovely European cities to waste that in. So on one particular trip, we were at Forever 21 and it was during their massive sale. So I had willed myself to only pick up sale pieces and nothing more. On my way to the dressing rooms, I met this dress. It was on a mannequin and it just blew me away. I've never loved pink and always been a purple kind of girl, but the style and the silhouette is something that I loved. It also reminded me of a fancier and much prettier version of a dress I had back home (top left of the blog). And it came with a nice big price tag as well. Still, I wanted to try it, because who wouldn't?

Playing Office


There was a time once, during the duration of my A-levels and the topic of discussion ventured out towards designer clothing and labels, during the absence of a teacher. There was a girl there who loved her labels, and then there was me, who would rummage through piles of clothing on a cart on the streets. So I put forward a question, asking her if she saw a skirt on the street for Rs. 100 and the same at a designer store (I used Rohil Bal as an example) for 10k, would she still chose the designer piece? And she said absolutely. It's all about the label. I zoned out soon after, because for me, the label is the last things that matters. First thing is always the style and the fit. And it still is.
But of course we all crave to have branded pieces in our wardrobe. Even though I prefer my thrifty pieces, if presented with a chance to snag a nice designer piece, I would go for it! The jacket in this post is a John Galliano piece and is from a bygone collection, that it was priced at 20 euros. While it is a bit costume-y and I was worried about how to style it, not to mention ending up looking like a certain DC comics character, I was ecstatic that I even managed to find this. And in my favourite colour! And just during the Galliano comeback year! That same day, before I found this jacket, I was walking through the streets of Milan and going through the street markets. I came across a floral Gucci compact sling bag from the sixties. With a price tag that said 200 euros, it was something I had to say goodbye to, thanks to my very limited budget since I lost my wallet and cards in Spain. Otherwise, I would have probably gotten that. Maybe skipped two fancy meals, but that bag would have made it's way back with me.

Picturesque views of Cinque Terre


Cinque Terre has been a dream destination for the longest time now. And ever since Pinterest, it became an unhealthy obsession and I knew I had to visit this place soon! When I told friends and family about this destination, a lot of them hadn't even heard of it. And when I showed them images, they were completely bowled over. Cinque Terre, to those who don't know, is a UNESCO world heritage site and is a protected place. Cinque translates to 5 and Terre is earth or land. So "5 lands" is basically a collection of 5 quaint little towns - Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso - spaced out in almost equal distances from each other on the Ligurian coast each packed with it's own cute little charm and amazing postcard views from every damn angle!

Waiting for the rains


It's been more than a week since I'm back, and I still haven't experienced the rains in Mumbai yet! Not counting the night time mini showers, but I was really waiting to put on my rain boots and splash in some puddles. Sadly, that's going to have to wait, and I'm still enjoying a bit of an extended summer here. And this seemed like the perfect outfit for it.
When I selected this dress, I was traveling and at that time, when I looked at this dress from Sheinside, I kept thinking summer and resort. Also now, the shades of deep blue and the lighter ones remind me of my favourite holiday haunt - Cinque Terre - making me reminisce about the different tones the sea transformed into, dark blue during the boat ride and at sunset, lighter blue and a few shades of cyan near the rocky regions of the cliffs and the beach. And the flowers on my dress? Those were so like the flowers that rained down from random balconies on the streets of these towns. This is just a small descriptive preview to the upcoming post about Cinque Terre of course, because I have tons of images to share soon!

Exploring Paris


Paris!! The most cliched and common touristic destination in Europe. The city of love. The city of dreams. The city where most Hollywood romantic characters run to before the climax. Well, you get the picture. When I decided that I was going to take time off and do a solo European trip, there was no way I was going to leave out Paris, even though I've already visited and seen this city. It's a different thing when you visit with family or friends, and it's a completely whole other experience when you go alone. You wake up on your own time. You see the things you want to see, and eat exactly what you feel like eating and find the need to make conversations with strangers, even if the conversations are about asking them to take a picture of you, or directions to the closest metro station. The experience is just fantastic.

By the Seine


Ever since I planned my itinerary, I had a list of lovely cities I was going to visit with breath-taking views and iconic and historic sights. But I willed myself to wear regular touristy clothes and not dress up to pose for a photoshoot. I mean it would have been lovely to get outfit posts done at all these beautiful places, but I thought I'd be a little more realistic. A two month travel is no joke and I'm stuck with 2 handbags for the entire trip. Also shoes. I have just 4 pairs with me, which still is a lot but also too less! And lastly, the clothes itself. Choosing outfits that can be layered and reused to create different looks is a task by itself. And let's not forget picking garments that don't crease a lot because that beautiful crumpled up cotton dress will stay exactly like that in my suitcase, until I find an iron or something!

The 3 euro dress


I got to Barcelona with a list of too many things to do and very little time to do them all. So I had to shortlist things that really needed to be done. And of course in the hopes of returning to Barcelona again, I set out with a few things to do (all of that will be up soon in another post). One thing that didn't make my list was shopping. It's strange, but yes. I was counting my baggage weight and since I was travelling internally on budget flights, the weight restriction is very strict and I could not afford going overboard at all. So shopping comes towards the end of my trip. And for the longest time, I've dreamed of walking into a Mango or Zara outlet, and walking away with an entire new wardrobe for a fraction of the usual prices. I didn't manage to find an outlet of either, but I still didn't get anything from them because every single thing I saw on the racks carried a "made in India" tag and with it came the smallest possibility of finding that same piece in a surplus shop or on the streets of Colaba. So that was a disappointment.

The weekend at Sitges


Honestly, before the start of my trip, I had not even heard of Sitges and didn't even know it existed. And why would I? The first place or city that I would associate with Spain is Barcelona, thanks to football and Gaudi. And I would have missed out on this quaint little town if not for the wedding I was a guest at! But I'm so glad that happened. As much as I love the city life and the hustle and bustle of activity all around, I really love some quiet time as well. And Sitges is just perfect! A little too perfect maybe.

Secret Escape


I've been in beautiful Spain for the last few days, in the sweet little town of Sitges which is so breathtakingly beautiful (more images from Sitges coming soon), for a Indo-Spanish wedding. With a mix of both cultures and traditions, everything was just beautifully planned and executed. The wedding reception was at this wonderful castle-like manor - Almiral de la Font, nestled in the hills complete with an infinity pool which I unfortunately didn't manage to spend time in, even though a few of us stayed overnight after the wedding reception. But I did take some pictures around!

Travel Essentials : vanity, comfort and entertainment


Travelling can be the most exhilarating and the most taxing thing ever. And if you're the kind of girl who's completely materialistic (loves to carry a super sized handbag at all times) then you only would know what goes through your mind when you have to selectively pack only a few required items that are essential for your trip! I'm the worst packer and I always forget something or the other, and I'm so used to it. Hence I always make a check list before I head for any trip, whether it's work related or just for fun. To make your trip memorable and stress-free, I've broken down my packing system into three parts; vanity, comfort and entertainment along with my very own travel essentials for each.

Let's go to the beach...


During my last few days in Dubai, I was caught up with last minute bookings and negotiations with the latter and remaining of my holiday as well as attending to emails that I may have been to busy to respond to. It's really surprising to me, how I even managed to churn out quite a respectable number of posts while holidaying, since I wouldn't have done the same while at home. Of course the advantage at a holiday is that you always have your camera while visiting new places and there's a lot of things to share and write about as compared to "oh look I wore this and ate at Candies in Bandra today". Also another big plus was having either Sheehan or Patrick who took all these images so far.

Storming up the desert | Dubai desert safari


Last year, I went for the desert safari when I visited Dubai, and as much as I wanted to blog about it, I thought I still didn't know enough, as a single experience doesn't really cut it. So this time, we went again, and I made sure we took a different agency and route instead of sticking to the same as the previous. Both were enjoyable in their own ways, and both had their perks and cons. And basically, you really get what you pay for. 

All things red at The Dubai Mall


One fine overcast day in Dubai, I just put on a pretty dress and my red lipstick and stepped out to spend the day at themall. Little did I know that day would be full of "reds" for me. From the red accents on my dress, to the shade of lipstick I wore that was conveniently called "red velvet" and my red polka dot sunnies, I also chanced upon a pretty display of a red Vespa, and sat in a red tram, realized at one point of time I was surrounded by tiny red flowers, and even ate red velvet concrete! And I wondered to myself, when did my life get so poetic?!

An Ethnic Serenade

We've all felt the pressures of attending wedding celebrations, whether we've been the brides ourselves or the immediate family members or even just a guest. The age old question of what to wear. And as much as most of us guests and family members would like the bride to shine on her special day, we would not like to be left far behind! And then some of us also have our destination weddings that seem to be quite a thing now. The dilemmas are just never ending!

Cascade of flowers


With the body positive movement that has been rampant in recent times, I'd like to address another issue that most of us face, which we may not even realize and acknowledge. While most of us are already body positive or are still getting there, there's this thing called "vanity sizing" that seems to hinder our progress. If you don't know what that means, in the most simplest terms, a brand labels it's sizes smaller than a regular size. So if Brand A has a pair of 28 waist denims, Brand B will use the vanity sizing method and run the same pair with the label saying 27 or 26. And which woman doesn't like to wear a size smaller than they do usually? We all do right. Also most of us would prefer brand B to brand A, since A makes us feel bigger.

Off to greener pastures


Just recently I was discussing some very important topics with my blogger friends with included something as I liked to call the "girl code" or what most women think is the girl code. The whole idea that to appear prim and well dressed and be praised for your fashion choices, you have to don a pair of heels, always. While I myself have a penchant for heels, I'm sure you know what my blog is called by now, but there always is a time and a place. We are unfortunate enough to live in a place which is not even high-heel friendly and while you think heels will elongate your calves and strengthen your gams, the potholed pavements will land you with a sprained ankle instead.

Preserving legacies with Bueno! Dry Clean Service


I love dressing up. I mean going all out. Wearing my finest and maybe my most expensive dress. I wait for an occasion where I can deck myself up, because who doesn't love to look pretty and show-off? It could be a wedding or an anniversary celebration or a festive occasion or a birthday. And fortunately in India we have a number of festive celebrations so most of us fashion conscious women have scores of precious and pretty clothes in our closets that we're always eager to wear.

Summer Favourites | Max Fashion collaboration

While most people groan, complain and plan their summer getaways, I feel like I'm one of the few who actually welcomes the summer with wide open arms. While the heat does get to me, the fact that I'm an April child, is what makes me partial to this sticky sweaty season. And of course there's the excuse to get new summer clothes! I always adopt the less is best motto when it comes to dressing up during this season. Layering is something I rarely do, and believe me I love my cardigans, but this is the time where I sadly put them away for a while, unless I manage to find a summer-friendly one. 
My search for new summer clothes was fulfilled when I attended the Max Fashions event last month complete with a fashion show preview of their latest collection and I managed to cross quite a few things on my check list. I'm going to be travelling soon, and I absolutely needed a few newer things in my wardrobe. So I decided to compile a list of my summer favourites and things you might just need to add to your own wardrobe!

Bathed in Sunlight


Can I just say how much I dislike the entire body-con trend without getting some backlash on "maybe I'm not too skinny to pull it off?" because that's the standard response I've seen all over, when anyone claims to hate the trend. But I have my reasons. The first and most important one being, I love to breathe. And no, sucking in my gut and taking in any less oxygen, just so that I look good in all angles, seems pretty terrible (and I've done this before, but, never again). As for shape-wear, I tried them on once, over 5 years ago, back when I was still very skinny, just to trim some of my unruly bits and was blessed with red and pink lace and mesh patterns on my skin for the next few hours, because I have pretty sensitive skin.

Easter Flowers


The holy week has been quite exciting this time. My birthday was on Good Friday and I got a lot of sympathetic wishes because almost everyone knew that I usually toast me turning old with a shot of something or the other but couldn't this time. But I'm used to this. It's not the first time my birthday coincided with good Friday but I obviously prefer when it's on Easter. So a very mellow celebration began with a couple of friends who surprised me with cake and we all ate just a tiny bit of it, but the biggest surprise came home at almost 2 am in the form of my sister and aunt who decided to come and spend time with the family during Easter and my birthday of course. None of us knew and we just baffled at that hour to see them but I was happy to see Sheehan even though it's hardly been a while since she left.

Lakme Fashion Week Summer 2015 | The mayhem that was..


Mayhem. Chaos. Apprehensions. Fashion weeks are full of it. From what to wear to which row you get to sit in and the number of designers that lend/gift you garments fresh off the runway (depending who you are), and all the areas that you would have or would not have access to. We've argued before about how Bollywood-ised it is, but then again, that's one way to ensure a show gets good media coverage and becomes less of a PR headache when starlets walk down at the end of the show, waving at starstruck fans and grinning at the cameras. While half of the people I encountered were there to relax and be seen and photographed, while a few wanted to catch shows of their favourite designers and brands, there was a little hope in the younger lot/students who looked very enthusiastic and overly excited about all the shows apart from those who were supposed to cover particular shows for their respective mediums. Along with my three companions, we set our priorities. Armed with a print out of the schedule for all 5 days, we spent a good half an hour marking shows we were going to watch with a tick and the ones we weren't with a question mark and finally the ones which were a no with a cross and followed this schedule. Here is a full account of the mayhem that went on for those 5 days.

Birla Cellulose unveils "LIVA" | A new age fabric


Many of you might have heard of the name Liva already. I had a couple of years ago, when I had a day time job where I rubbed shoulders and worked in the corporate world of fashion. Birla Cellulose was a client I often met with, under my seniors to ideate themes for their next show or how to design their next stall for their exhibitions. There I was introduced to Liva which was always the star and the main product that had to be showcased so I always went home with tiny sample pieces to try and make things out of this almost viscose jersey-like fabric which was soft to feel and was very easy to work with (and of course mom would make her flowers). Soon after I started noticing Liva on hoardings, particularly the Global Desi ones. I sort of knew that Birla Cellulose had a tie up with a few brands, but I wasn't really aware of which ones they were until quite recently. 

Fifth one's the charm | On getting inked, again


Last week I told my mum I'm getting another tattoo, and she said "again? why?" and I said "why not?". But since I shared that idea with a few friends, most of who supported it and a small minority (well two people) who asked "again?" and "one more?", I decided to go for it. As luck would have had it, a friend/tattoo artist, someone who I've never met in person, but am just Facebook friends with, and have had a few conversations with on messenger or whatsapp regarding tattoos, just launched his own website and a lovely offer as well. So taking advantage of the situation, I finally headed out to his studio and met him to discuss designs and fix a date. We agreed on the last day of this month and narrowed down to either a floral tattoo or a cat face on my forearm. That same evening, or more like at 2 am, he texted to tell me there was a sudden opening the very next day and if I was okay to get mine then, my enthusiasm made me jump and say yes!

Bringing Animal Print to Fashion Week | All my 5 outfits


Fashion week is where good fashion meets with bad fashion. I mean no where else will you ever find a situation where you get a bevy of women wearing clothes clearly not meant for their body types (or even age) and try to walk around in the highest of heels, and stomp around the place, while trying to battle the wind (that plays very naughty when one decides to wear a shorter dress) as well as hang on to a handbag on the crook of their arm and look poised at all times. There will also be a healthy mix of seasons, like a winter jacket or a trench and a summer dress all at the same time, while wearing boots. But then, what is fashion week without all of this really? It's plain old boring.

My favourites from Lakme Fashion Week Resort 2015


I have to admit, I was very excited to attend Lakme Fashion Week this season. This would be the first time I attended as a blogger for my blog as opposed to the times I've previously attended a few shows here and there as a guest holding passes. But having a card that gave you a few privileges, well almost, was something exhilarating. Also, when it comes to fashion shows, except for a few rare moments, I have never been a spectator, but always a "behind the scenes" kind of person from the time I used to be a backstage dresser and help models change from my studying days to the times I styled and yelled at backstage helpers and models to hurry up and performed head to toe checks before they walked on the ramp, the only thing visible to me was the screen backstage and small views from the side. So this season, I was all ready to attend the shows and had fun putting together my outfits for all five days.

My photo diary | Some R&R in Goa


I know I spammed last week like a mad maniac on Instagram and managed to make a few people a little envious of my trip, and here are some more images. And since I cannot remember the last time I've ever uploaded an entire album dedicated to a party or trip or whatever on Facebook, I make sure I share the ones that don't make it to instagram (and the ones that did as well) in this space. All these images are taken either by mom or myself and a majority are from my phone, a few others from mom's digital camera and a couple from our DSLR.

Chasing Waves and being "beach appropriate"


Last week was a pretty good one. Mom and myself went on a little trip to Goa, which most of you might already know, thanks to the power on Instagram. I've been to Goa countless times and for many different occasions as well. But the thing I've noticed about a lot of people my age, or even those who belong to the same decade as I do, they all believe Goa is a place to go wild and crazy, behaviorally and as well as when it comes to dressing up! 
So many people believe that you can wear anything in Goa. No one will care. I myself used to say I was only comfortable wearing a two-piece bathing suit in Goa, as compared to any other place in this country. While you might have the freedom to wear what you want to in Goa, there needs to be a bit of caution as well. When I went to the beach, I saw scores of women dressed in the most atrocious attires, and no, I don't mean skimpy, but completely irrelevant to what one usually wears to a beach. While I'm not saying every woman has to be in a bathing suit, there has to be a line drawn, and garments like leather, skinny jeans, etc are just bad bad choices! I even spotted a girl wearing a pretty skater dress, which again was so out of place at the beach. And let's not forget the boys. Men, if you're reading, please, boxers are not swimwear. In fact they should not be seen! Please keep them under your pants. If you need to wear shorts, you can buy shorts. They're not too hard to find!

Urban Love | Every woman's story


Women have always been strong literary characters. Women generally possess a lot more dimensions as compared to male characters and is usually a writer's dream, because from their basic description from facial features to the clothes might choose to wear for a particular occasion, to reactions during tense moments, there is so much scope to dramatize and play these things up and that makes a book interesting and fun to read.
In fact if I had to name my top five female protagonists, I would say Nancy Drew; because solving mysteries and crimes is always so bad-ass, Jane Eyre; a modern day feminist with her strong values and principles, Hermione Granger; while many argue she wasn't a main character, she was vital and the brains of the group, Jessica Wakefield; I must confess I was a Sweet Valley High fan and appreciated Jess's vain and cool approach to men and school and she was probably the original mean girl and lastly a tie between Anna Karenina and Catherine Earnshaw; both of who lived in different times but were remarkable woman, each in their own way.

Blue and White


How I landed under the sea-link for a quick outfit shoot is pretty random. I was in the area to visit the passport office, and I decided to kill two birds with one stone and get a new post ready instead of slacking off. So while I thought Worli Seaface which is cliched, Patrick suggested Worli Village. So we arrived after my work was done, just before noon and noticed it was low tide. So we both decided to make our way to the bottom of it, because I know everyone in the city has traveled via the Sea Link but really how many have literally been under it?

Cats and a hint of Flower Power


Saying that I like cats is probably the understatement of the century. Anybody who knows me well enough or even follows me on Instagram will know it already. But as much as I keep telling people I'm not only a cat person, I'm a complete animal person in general (there was a time when I was still in school and was hell bent on becoming a vet) I still find myself inclining towards all the feline trends from the sunnies to the eye liner to even actual prints of the furry animals. So when I was introduced to Moooh!!, the first thing I saw on their homepage was a cat throw pillow and I knew I had to have it immediately!

Fifties Girl


If there's one era that I adored completely, that would be from the 20's to the 50's. While that's not exactly one particular era, since each decade had their own ground breaking moments, I love so many elements from each of those decades and I really wish we dressed more like those days. But in a way, we still do, just a tiny bit. Like from the 20's and 30's we've picked the whole flapper trend and after The Great Gatsby, it's a regular party theme as well. Similarly we have the midi trend from those years, which suddenly made a comeback and which I personally love to death (even more than the mini and the maxi). Then from the 40's we have the body-con and structured dresses as well as the floaty chiffon empire dresses and lastly from the 50's we have one of my favourites, the full circular skirts and dresses, which again I absolutely love to wear!