Un-ocassion at Shazé


Earlier this month at a meet arranged by a dear friend whose blog completed 3 years, I found myself admiring a ring that just took my breath away! Encrusted with stones and a few tiny bugs (yes, insects) it was one of the prettiest things I've seen in a while and even though it fit me like a midi ring, I still loved it and wore it all through the event.
Shazé, the brand behind that ring as well as a load of other luxury items, apart from fashion jewelry which is designed in Italy, include sunglasses, watches, the softest scarves and some really interesting home decor items, and is the perfect place to shop and indulge whether you're thinking of a gift for a loved one or for yourself! With the concept that shopping should not be obligatory and confined only for festive occasions but can be carried out whenever and all through the year the brand unveiled their 'Un Occasion' Campaign that I totally seem to support. I'm all for shopping whenever you feel like it! 
Here are a few images of my favourite items from the event organised by What When Wear and Shazé (including my favourite ring at the bottom)

If the racks here look empty, it's only because we pulled out all of their jewelry to try them on and click pictures!

L-R - Me, Dayle, Amena, Anusree, Aanam, Minal and Rati.

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  1. Always love catching up with you ! Btw, your nails compliment that ring so fabulously <3


    1. Couldn't agree more with Dayle. It was a fun afternoon and I love your pictures.


    2. Thanks you two. Thanks to Dayle for that lovely ring picture, Amena for the IG one and the photographer for the group one, rest I can take credit for :-p

  2. Awesome pictures.
    Rings and especially that white bracelet. Just loved it.
    Thank u for sharing..Nice blog as well.