Ode to Awkward (and December)


There is a story to this post, and a part of it is pictorial, which you'll see and which will explain part of the title as well. I was obviously super obsessed with my new red animal print dress which I bought to wear in Dubai. Also I shared the love with my new cat bag (which you've seen previously here) and new wedges for the rains - yes I shot this ages ago, during the monsoon. Now the reason I never uploaded this was because it was the most hilariously awkward shoot we did. I'd shot before in front of this wall - here and here - and I heard that it was being torn down. So I wanted to have one last shoot here, before it was all gone.

So of course I picked the red dress to match the wall this time instead of standing out like the previous choices. While shooting, I kept wondering if it was going to rain, so I was distracted. Mid shoot, I was told the strap of one of my shoes was undone and we had most of the images with the strap undone. Then came the awkward part - not that the previous ones weren't, we had construction workers around, and the length of the dress is considerably shorter than what I'm used to in general. So re-doing that strap was a task, and finally before we could shoot proper pictures, with the strap in place, it started to rain, so we had to make a move, as we didn't carry umbrellas along! I told Sheehan I don't think we have uploadable content and we didn't bother about it again, until this afternoon when I found these images in a folder.
So I thought to myself, why not? So what if it's awkward and funny? I might end up making someone smile or even laugh. Also this is such a regular situation - straps falling out of place and coming undone, tags sticking out, skirts rising a little too high - it happens to the best of us, and it's all good as long as there's someone to tell you, you need to adjust yourself, before stepping out into public spaces. Life is definitely not an editorial of pretty at all times, and you just have to accept those funny times and laugh with it.
So I decided to dedicate this awkwardly funny - make-up free, except for lipstick - post to being awkward and not putting on an act always and to the month of December, because I forgot to upload a snazzy Pinterest inspired quote on December 1st.

P.S - I miss my long long hair :-(

Wait, is my strap undone?

Let's just pretend that didn't happen and smile it off.. And get back to the cliched poses of a fashion blogger!

Animal print dress: Reliance trends (bought in April) | Cat bag: H&M, Dubai | Wedges: Dragon Mart | Cuff: Forever 21

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  1. Hi! Great blog out there and you are looking super hot in this outfit :)


  2. such a cute outfit! your smile just completes the look entirely! xo

  3. Lovely and I like the way it matches your backdrop

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