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This is what a typical day of mine looks like. I wake up at around 10 or 11am (because I'm a night owl and stay up "working" till about 3-4am and I need my sleep. Then through noon till about mid evening, I'll be lounging around in my room, working on articles, listening to music, attending to emails, planning shoots, researching and playing with Puchu. He is with me most of the time, and mostly sleeps through until I wake him up for a hug. Of course he is the biggest distraction around as well. Everything he does is just too cute, and then I HAVE to take at least 3-4 pictures, on a daily basis, and send them to my dad and sister.

As for my room, it has it's days. On one day it has shoes strewn around, and that's only if the previous day was a shoot. Then there will be books and chargers and random articles of clothing that I've taken sudden fancies to and try them on during the course of the day. I also tend to wear my shoes while in my room, while cleaning or putting away stuff, just for the heck of it, and I always make sure they're heels - unless I'm in a dance-y mood (don't even ask). It's a bit weird, but thanks to this habit, I can walk well in heels!
In this post I decided to show a typical sort of day, where I'm pretending to work, playing with the cats, lazying around and making faces when I read the stupidest emails I get sent. I chose my bed, my polka dotted couch and one of my shoe stands that holds all our sneakers. From the time I was 15, I've been collecting Converse and Vans sneakers with Sheehan. We have quite a stash in some interesting colours and print, which get borrowed a lot by friends. I have a bunch of magazines that are too precious to get rid of, especially all my bridal ones from Milan. So those are stored very carefully along with a few other precious books.
P.S - My last post was featured by Independent Fashion Bloggers in their weekly roundup. More on that at the bottom.

Winter is coming sweatshirt, Soft Kitty sweatshirt, Agent of Chaos laptop skin, I am Sherlocked poster and Time's lost atlas book all available at Greenrock 

I've also discovered a new shopping portal which I instantly adored thanks to their dabble with the kind of pop culture I was into. From carrying tees, sweatshirts and posters of some of my favourite TV shows to having an option to custom make your own (only on bulk order), I thought Greenrock was simply fantastic and I would recommend it for any pop culture junkie whether you want to get something for yourself or for a friend. I'm now going to be living in these two hoodies whenever I go out post 8pm, if some people don't steal it from me already!

Photos - Sheehan and Patrick | Lighting - Patrick | Starring both my loves -  Puchu and Messi


Keep it Clever

Do you know the difference between a cocktail dress and a gown? Do you know how a man's suit should fit? How about what you should buy on vacation (as there are SO many things!)... Well, for all the little bits and pieces you need to know this season, we've got you covered in this week's links!

Links à la Mode: December 4th

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  3. Omg those lights! *_* In love!

  4. Lovely post and you have such a beautiful room!