Festive Attire | 5 easy-chic party perfect outfits for the season


Festive Attire | 5 easy-chic party perfect looks for the season

One morning, I sat up with a start and thought I needed a reality check because I completely forgot we're almost half way through December and I'll be needing various outfits for the Christmas Mass and NYE as well as the random tiny parties that will eventually turn up, like they always do. From the time I was younger, it has been tradition that my Xmas outfit would be made by my tailor and I've always relied blindly on that, and I'm relying on him this year as well, but I did decide to keep a few back ups as well. So if, you are stumped and out of ideas of what to wear and mainly if you haven't had the time to shop for new clothing or, like me, simply forgot, here are a few ideas on what you could wear, where and making use of things you might already have in your closet.


Parties don't always happen after the sun sets, sometimes you might have a small brunch with friends or a small get together to welcome a relative that has flown down from somewhere around the globe and meet other family members. For an occasion like that, I decided to pick an over-sized tunic, that's actually my mom's but I stole it from her. A belt saved the day and made this plain piece a little drape-y and of course added more shape. Paired with my jeggings that have seen better days, I wanted the star of my outfit to be my new animal print shoes and I can actually picture my aunts asking me how I can manage to walk in such high heels!
Next time you go shopping, don't be afraid to try pieces that are two sizes bigger than what you would usually wear. Some of my favourite tunics and dresses are always bigger than what I usually wear and they tend to look more chic when belted, also you'll want to wear them on one of those "fat days".

Peach tunic with animal print heels
Peach tunic, arm party, animal print shoes
Tunic: Vero Moda | Jeggings: Marks & Spencer | Heels: Forever 21 | Clutch: c/o Paver's England | Watch: Aldo Accessories | Bracelets and rings : Hill Road, Bandra


I have been pinning and posting scores of looks from Pinterest with sequinned skirts and jackets and I think a sequinned separate obviously counts as festive attire! A sequinned skirt can be paired with a plain tee and can still look fabulous as hell. What I loved about my look is that it is a smart one for starters, and without the bling, it can pass off for something you might wear in the office, that is if your colleagues are used to seeing you in bright coloured trousers. But it's the perfect "from work to party" kind of outfit and with the addition of a sequinned jacket and a quick change of shoes, it's easily achievable. The bright trousers are purely optional, because it's a bit of a task for a bottom heavy woman to wear anything that is not black or blue, but I think they look amazing like this, if balanced off well.

Sequinned jacket with bright trousers
Sequin jacket, pink trousers, heels, neckpiece and watch
Jacket: Vero Moda | Trousers: Mark & Spencer | Peplum blouse: Dressberry | Heels: Payless | Wallet sling: c/o Aldo, Dubai | Neckpiece: Fab Alley | Watch & bracelets: Dragon Mart, Dubai


My parents and aunts have always talked about these Christmas dances they used to attend when they were younger, which have ceased to exist anymore. The whole idea of going to a dance with a partner sounds so surreal and very movie-like. When I listen to these nostalgic stories, I would always picture West Side Story or Grease or Hairspray (or basically any musical) and I thought of full circular, poodle-skirt like dresses. And now since that trend is back in, I've been really excited and cannot wait to wear this skirt to a party that I know I'll be dancing at, because I'd obviously like to jive and twirl around in this one! Since it's such a feminine piece, I played it up with a plain black bustier and added a floral obi belt.

50's style skirt
Floral belt, heels, neckpiece and bracelets
Skirt: Tailored | Bustier: Tally Weijl | Heels: Steve Madden | Belt: Pieces | Neckpiece: Mawi x Koovs | Clutch: Hongkong | Bracelets: Forever 21, Pieces and Koton


I remember my search for a dress last year, which I bought online, instead of my usual tailored piece, and I checked every single website and they just had mini and bodycon dresses everywhere, which I didn't feel were too appropriate for my body, especially when worn to church! Currently, I own a lot of minis as well, some that are micro short and others that are still okay, like this silk piece with the lace bustier. Since the bodice is a fitted tube bustier, I added the tuxedo jacket with the animal print lapels so that I don't flaunt too much of skin, and can also be warm at the same time. Since the whole outfit went a bit neutral when it came to the colour tones, the blue crystal clutch felt like a small dash of colour and I finished off with ankle booties.

Mini dress with Tuxedo jacket
Clutch, swarovski bracelet, boots and animal print
Dress: Tally Weijl | Tux: thrifted | Swarovski clutch: c/o Bata | Swarovski bracelets: c/o Swarovski and Ayesha Accessories | Booties: c/o Alberto Torresi


This list would be redundant without an LBD as that's something every girl has and I've always felt black dresses are like these blank canvases that you can just add whatever you feel like adding, with care of course. Here I picked a body-con piece with a plunging neckline which is definitely banned in public, I bought this dress online, and of course it looks a lot different on me than it looked on the model there, so after sitting in my closet for almost a year, I figured out that my lace black bralet is actually a life saver and a modesty protector and since the dress already has lace, most people would think it's part of the dress. Going down the classic route, I added an animal print clutch along with red pumps and statement earrings to amp up my LBD.

Little black dress
lace, animal print clutch, red heels, watch
LBD: Fashionandyou.com | Bustier: Victoria's Secret | Clutch: Satya Paul | Heels: Thrifted | Watch: c/o Guess | Earrings: Fab Alley


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  1. Hey! Really nice post. Surely helpful for this part season. You look adorable in the 3rd look. :)

    1. Surely helpful for this party season!*** hehe! Guess I was a little over-excited to comment and compliment you. :p

  2. Great post, I love the sequin jacket and the leopard lapel blazer in paricular! Fab inspiration, you look super chic :)

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog

  3. Just dropping in to say you are gorgeous! I especially like the minimalism of #1. Happy holidays!