Christmas Diary, 2014


I never meant to do a Christmas post. But for lunch with my family, while the table was set, I found myself clicking a million images, much to their dismay and of course most of them were of and with the cats. So it was a hasty decision and the lighting wasn't that great, but we did so anyway.
Christmas has always been a big do at my place, with my relatives that fly back to the country and it's the only time I get to meet them all. After the midnight mass, it's been tradition that friends and some family come over and we sit up till late eating sandwiches and talking and drinking wine and nibbling on plum cake and other sweets.
The images here are in between lunch on Christmas day, with all three cats, who love the decorations and love creating havoc around as well - from attacking the trees to playing with the tinsel and even eyeing the sweets. Sheehan and I decided that while there was the family Christmas tree, we would put up the older one in our room, with the agenda of two Christmas trees = two sets of presents *wink*. From the three of us here, a very Merry Christmas as we stand so proudly in front of mom's pretty DIYed wall.

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