A Softer Sparkle


After my whole "I don't know what to wear for Christmas" and the wake of this post, where I had stated my tailor was cooking up something for me, while he did stick to the pattern I gave him, there were a few issues with the fit, that I managed to get fixed and most importantly the shape of the neckline, which I had asked for very low, but he seemed to think high was better. Since there wasn't any time to fix it, the Project Runaway-er in me decided to DIY and improvise, so I just grabbed a pair of scissors and cut it myself and used tic tac clips  and a few safety pins to secure it, because I was actually too lazy to hem it myself. And it worked perfectly fine!
For some weird reason, I decided to go a bit on the "bridesmaid" style when designing this dress. While I already planned on doing a draped style (because I had a ton of fabric to play with), the slit was a last minute addition and very reminiscent of Versace's almost decade old collection back from 2006 but with a moderate version because I cannot be walking around with an upper upper thigh slit. And since it's supposed to be festive, I needed some sparkle and hence used a sequined fabric for the bodice, half of which went under the drape, but still showed through in the light along with an almost matchy hot pink lining for the rest of the dress. With the purple and pink tones down, I added a hint of blue with the heels and jewel tones with the earrings and kept it minimal when it came to jewelry and just added a watch. As for makeup, a nude lipstick and glitter on the eyes seemed apt, especially since I actually wore this outfit at night.
The whole point behind the colours and fabric choices were to stay away from the generic metallic sparkly things that seem to be available everywhere, and even though I love them to death, sometimes you have to be different to stand out, hence I went for a softer sparkle instead of the 'in your face' kind.

Floor length gown: tailored | Earrings: Fab Alley | Watch: c/o Aries Watches | Heels: Steve Madden
Lips: Creme touch lipstick, shade - Nude Coral and Eyes: Just smoky kajal, shade - Just Teal; both by Colorbar

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  1. So beautiful! The soft, almout pastel colour effect. Simply stunning