Solving your fashion "what to wear" dilemmas with okay app



How many times have you stared at your closet and wondered what to wear?  Or you were shopping and were torn between three choices of equally amazing shoes? Or maybe the times you've had everything together, but cannot figure out what will add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit? Maybe it could be a pair of sunnies or a bright bag or even a scarf? When I face these dilemmas, I ask my mom or sister. But there are times when they're not around so then what do I do? That's where Okay App comes in to help you!

I was contacted by the folks at Okay App when it was still under development, in May, while I was still vacationing in Dubai. They explained the app to me while I was shopping at a mall and at that moment, it seemed like something I needed because I was frantically taxed with my own to be purchases and making tough decisions. Sometimes an unbiased opinion of a stranger truly helps! And that's exactly what Okay App is. It gives you an okay!
What you have to do is, after you download it on your phone or tablet, you can create your own account and can then ask questions or even lend opinions to all queries that show up on your feed. This app is worldwide, so you'll be seeing and answering queries that are from users from all over and it's really exciting to get different opinions.

So of course I had to test it for myself! The minute I got an email saying it was live, I downloaded it and starting giving my opinions and playing stylist to men who lived in France, helping them pick the right shirt and young girls from Australia, telling them which shoes worked better. But it was only after I talked to Mr. Gerard Sillam, the director, that I started posting my own questions and queries. To test it, I decided to use images from two of my older posts, the heart print shirt and the crop top to see which ones users liked better and which ones would get the "Okay"


As you can see from the results, I could tell what everyone liked better. A few even had suggestions and commented saying maybe I needed to add another additional piece or take something off, which was unnecessary.

On to the process to how to go about with it, you can create your own question and upload 4 different images and add tags to describe your look or pieces and even tag brands in it. Then there is the option of selecting an occasion - date, daily etc are a few of the options - and lastly the question itself. While you cannot exactly frame your own question, you can select from the ones listed in the drop down menu. You can also decide if you want to make the question public, or if it should be only available to advisors or followers. I realized public got the most opinions and would always recommend that selection. If you are too shy to upload your images to strangers, you can always lay them out in a grid as I did here.


Give it some time, or even a couple of hours - it depends on the number of people who have been accessing the app and other such stats, but I got my responses within 1 hour, but as the time frame increased, I kept getting more and more.


Be a part of Okay App and help others or get help yourself while making your next fashion choices and decisions!

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