Mary had a little lamb?


Before the title confuses you, when I say Mary, I of course mean me (who else?) and when I say lamb, I actually mean cat. But Roxanne had a little cat doesn't sound quite right, because Roxanne actually has three cats (and I usually don't refer to myself in the third person voice) but that's my reality. Of course most regular readers have seen images on the blog and Instagram of one particular fat cat, who I always seem to drag and force into posing for the camera, but let me assure you, that's far from the truth!

So usually when Sheehan and I step out to shoot (and this is only if it's last minute and our location is literally 5 minutes away from home) we always get followed. Whether he's been sitting at home or lazing under a car, the minute he looks at the camera or hears the sound of a click, he jumps and follows us. We always know when we're followed, because Puchu has a bell on his collar. So this happens quite regularly, and sometimes I'm nice enough to let him pose for a few pictures.
On this particular day, well actually night, I had to get a picture of my new sequined jacket for this post, so I suggested that we shoot at night under street light because this jacket is a very after hours kind of thing and I wanted to play with the light. And of course our cat came along. In fact he decided he wanted to sit exactly where I needed to stand for my pictures, and after pushing him a couple of times, I eventually gave in. I managed to get the picture I wanted, but the rest came out really sweet (and a little too hazy) but they're too cute not to share!

Black dress: Sri Lanka | Sequined cardigan jacket: Vero Moda | Rings and heels: Hill Road

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  1. ha ha your cat.. does quite a good job posing!