While I've never exactly felt the pressure of being an influencer, I always tend to feel the judging looks. The moment someone knows or learns that you blog about fashion and style, they expect you to strut around in the highest of heels and wear the sharpest clothes and they raise their eyebrows if they spot you wearing a pair of denims and a tank top. But I get that. I would have probably judged others in the same way if the roles were reversed.

My wardrobe is divided into two sections, one is the more comfier version of me who prefers ballet flats or wedges and a pair of well fitted denims but also has a lot of evening clothes while the other is reserved for my career girl look with the smarter dresses I wear to events or openings and on days when I have to impress brands or clients.

When I had a look at Bebe's current collection, I found that they somehow managed to tap into both those sections of my wardrobe. Their plain joggers and evening separates along with some pretty cool wedges fueled one part of my wardrobe, while the body con dresses and structured formal clothes looked like it was made to fit with my career mode. But like I've always thought, the clothes don't matter or aren't fully complete (is a better way to put it) without the right accessories. So I decided to put together a few looks with some of their clothes and accessories to match some of my daily moves (if those days involve not lounging around in my pajamas on my bed with my books or laptop), I'm also big on the less is more statement, when it comes to accessories and picked very limited jewelry and relied on my bags and shoes to complete each look. No wrist stacking or too many statement neck-pieces here! Also video at the bottom.
While on most days I can go without a coffee fix because I'm not much of a beverage person, there are some days when I get up earlier and I absolutely need it. When I styled full time, I used to leave home at 4-5am on most shoot days and needed something to energize me for the first few hours.
I picked a pair of joggers and a plain chiffon blouse with intricate lace details on the shoulder and sleeve. Sticking to the monochrome palette, I added this textured bag and wedges to match. What I love about the bag is that it fits in a whole lot of things, and I'm one of those people who like to carry their world around with them! At the same time, I have this conflicting urge to carry a sling bag (so that I'm hands-free) and this particular style came with a chained sling that I love. Also I was completely sold on the golf tassel that hung in front as well.

Sourcing occupies the time of any stylist. I prefer to hit the stores when it just opens at 11-12 am because they tend to have the least number of customers and I can always find what I need. For this I picked a graphic body con dress and carried a big tote (big enough to stuff my cardigan in, because it tends to get chilly in malls and stores). 
I love how the textures on both the bag and the shoes are similar yet so different. The bag has a lovely snakeskin texture while the wedges have a cross hatched woven like texture, coincidentally which also matched. I'm usually a bit cautious when it comes to wearing ankle straps, as they tend to make your legs seem much shorter and also the fact that my dress was a midi length didn't help either, but the wedges had that perfect platform and gave the adequate amount of height needed to avoid looking frumpy in a body con dress while at the same time managed to make my legs look long enough! 
I must confess at times, I end up sitting at cafes or restaurants mostly alone in between a busy day for a small bite or sometimes just a breather. When I do, I always take along a book to read or my laptop (especially if I'm planning on working or have work related meeting) to keep myself occupied. I picked a blush 3 piece outfit, with a peplum blouse, a textured skirt and a structured jacket and I also love how they all kind of match my pink laptop!
The floral structured tote bag added to the little girly soiree I was having that day and also was roomy enough to fit in my little laptop. Although I have to say the most stunning piece is this gorgeous tiered pearl necklace that is a bit Victorian but with a modern edge that gives the entire outfit a new kind of high.
The whole point of being a part of the creative field is that you don't need to get in to the office in formal attire, a simple jeans and tee combination will also suffice for which I've was so grateful for until I chanced upon this body-con dress. This dress was made to sell pitches and win meetings! I've learnt the hard way (in my previous job) that to sell ideas to big clients you need to impress not only with your fancy power-point presentations but with your winning attitude and confidence, and my attitude comes from my clothes, always
So armed with this dress, I decided there was no way I was losing this particular pitch. Once again with a monochrome palette, I picked a white bag this time with an interesting pattern that fit perfectly on the crook of my arm and carried my laptop and also a notebook as well for jotting down ideas.
I'm a complete happy hour person. My dad does a lot of wine tasting events, and every week, he'll call or text me and say "ladies night at Lagerbay" or "come for happy hours to *some random new bar*" and at most times I go running! My outfit of choice is always a dress or sometimes a skirt and a cute top with heels. With heels you tend to know your limits and will not drink so much that you end up staggering out of the bar! (you're welcome)
I chose a draped chiffon skirt with a grey ruffle blouse with the same black bag from my coffee run, but this time I used the regular straps instead of the sling. As for my heels, I loved how this pair has a satin tie up in the front, which once done makes a gorgeous pattern and the heels have these swarovski stones all over and caught the light as I walked. I added more accessories like the belt, that cinched in my waist really well and also held the grey blouse intact and also a multi-strand black beaded neckpeice.
November-December is the official wedding and party season, not to mention the random cocktail parties that happen in between. For a cocktail party I always pick a dress and accessorise. I was drawn to this stunning red floor length gown and because it was a breath taker all by itself, I chose to go minimal on accessories. A jeweled minaudière and a dainty wrap watch and finally a pair of matching strappy heels were all I needed for this. 
It's truly amazing how this entire look seemed fully complete even though I didn't wear earrings or a neck piece.
To see more of the outfits you will have to watch the video since I was sneaky enough to show only a tiny peek of each!
All of these outfits and accessories are currently available at Bebe (till stocks last), so you should hurry. They sold out 
of the entire leopard print bag collection that I had my eyes on within two days!

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  1. Loved the video! You look hot in all the looks. My favorite have to be the Morning Caffeine fix and the cocktail party- You rock it just like a DIVA!

  2. Great styling, Roxanne. One can see the amount of effort you have put in creating distinctly different looks. Refreshing to see such creative work. Honestly, all looks have come out really well, but my fave is 'Afternoon Working Pitch'. Great post. Love it.
    ❤ Amena.
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  3. Lovely looks Roxanne, my favorite is #1, I think I relate to comfy chic the most.

  4. Thanks Dayle, mine too. It's the most comfortable one


  5. Thanks you my love. I know you really love that body con dress :-p

  6. Thanks Ila. The morning is a favourite for many because it's so easy chic.

  7. Thank you. He really does! :-)

  8. Ethnic Wholesaler14/11/14 11:15 am

    We love roxanne ,Wonderfull !! Its Get fancy look for women's.But If designer cloths add on it , it's great combination for modern women's.if any want designer women's collection visit

  9. You are lucky that you get to wear what you want.. :( I can't wear anything except formals to my office :(

  10. I know, the grass is always greener.. I wish I could dress up and wear formals everyday! I mean I could, but when I work on my bed or my room, pajamas are more suitable and formals would just seem silly :-)