A Fire Inside


I'm not at all philosophical but I think great thoughts at time. Also Pinterest is no less. I keep coming across quotes which are inspirational, nostalgic, about love and heartbreak and some which are downright too emo to handle. Each of these invokes a thought (or two) and I cannot stop pinning and thinking. Growth, mistakes, experiments and changes are all things that cannot be avoided and are all part of what makes you who you are. I'm not the same person I was the day before, because everyday is a learning process to fix and maybe better what happened yesterday to make a better tomorrow - and I might sound like the biggest cliche ever, but it is what it is.

This year has just flown by, and I remember exactly how I felt at the start, so naive and with so many thoughts and plans and great ideas, none of which I followed through. I did also quit my full time job, but somehow never found the time to do exactly what I wanted to. It was a year of searching and learning and losing a bit too. But there's probably nothing I would want to change anything about it. 
But I eventually decided to make a few changes, so you might notice a few new things around here. While I liked how it was before, I wasn't entirely me. I'm more of a minimalist (big surprise) and I like neat and clean - and my mom will disagree with my lack of cleaning skills - but I felt I needed a bigger change. After experimenting for a few months and a lot of research, I decided this is how I want it to be. A big thank you to all those who gave me their feedback and opinions when I was confused - while designing the header and even while finalizing on my layout - that really helped a lot. And of course I really hope that I don't outgrow this one, at least for the next near or so!

The images we shot we really impromptu (hence the unfortunate shoe choice). The sun was playing mind games with us, and I actually liked the over-exposed shots and decided to keep them. There was a time when each outfit had over 150-200 frames till I was happy with what we had, but that day, I think we had it in less than 47. Of course I had some young audience while shooting and couldn't help but feel conscious and decided to wrap up quicker. All the images are the way they were taken (except for a little sharpening) without filters, like my previous ones.
Quick thanks to my tailor, who will probably never see this, for making this dress out of one of my mom's sarees. The same dude who made these palazzo pants.

Maxi dress: Tailored from an old saree | Glitter belt: Cupidity | Bracelets: Dragon Mart and Silvette | Neckpiece: Myntra | Heels: Payless

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  1. Your tailor is fabulous. What a lovely dress! I like the new look too.