8 fun ways to unwind


I think everyone needs a little time off on a monthly basis. While some others on a weekly basis. Whether it's a small breather from your hectic work schedule or crazy household chores or even the bustle of this crazy city, I know I need some way/s to relax and let loose at the end of each week. Here is a small list of suggestions (that work out for me) when I need to unwind.

Go Camping A tent with a view is the best thing ever

If you love the outdoors and fancy getting a little away from the city and love star-gazing (who doesn't?), this is something you absolutely have to do. Its not that tough to pitch up a tent, and it's really lovely when you have a view as fabulous as I did.

Take a walkSunset walks are very calming

My dad always used vague terms like "go fly a kite" or "go take a walk" whenever I got angry or anxious when I was much younger. I don't know about the flying a kite bit, but the walk really helps. Besides the toning and keeping your weight in check, studies have shown that walks can also make you happy.

Pet TherapyLego and Whisky from the Mutt Hutt - The Pet Café

It's no secret a furry friend can give you all sorts of unexplained joy and can help you relax as well. I'm lucky to have three crazy cats and one sweet dog at home. Playing games with them (even though it's almost impossible to think of fun games for cats that don't involve scratches) helps relieve tension and a little attention towards your pet will do you both some good.

Meet new peopleMakeshift hammocks are great conversation starters.

Whether it's a bar or a house party, it's great to mix around. You meet new people and share new experiences and it's a welcome change. I find that a little tough because believe it or not I'm a little too shy and I dislike being so social (big surprise) but will be able to mix around only after a couple of drinks. Talking about liquid courage...

A glass of your FavoriteOld Monk, music and camp-side lights anyone?

They say drink to forget, maybe just a little though. I look at it as a reward after a nicely done week of work! I also love a healthy mix between a cosmopolitan when I'm at a bar or an event, and I make a pretty mean one too! and sometimes I can settle for a glass of rum and coke when I'm at home or at a friend's place.

Foot soakFoot soak in a river? Hell yes!

A spa session is something that seems appropriate in order to relax. Sinking your feet into a tub of warm water soothes muscles, hydrates your skin and can relieve aches and swellings from walking too much or wearing those painful shoes. You can also soak your feet in a tub of water in your own room for that matter while watching your favourite TV show.

Relaxing SunsetStare games with the setting sun

There's no bliss like climbing up to your terrace or if you're lucky enough, your window to watch the setting sun with a cup of tea and some snacks, company is purely optional. If I had the chance to, I would do this everyday, as a breather from either writing or responding to some random emails that make me want to tear my hair out! 

Listen to good musicBoombay Djembe Folas in action

Music needs no explanation. Everyone has their own jam, so whatever gets your boat sailing, it could be pop or experimental house or even old school rock and roll, put on those earphones and listen to an album or two. We live in a world where there's live music at every corner, so go out and listen to something!

For those of you who don't follow me on twitter/instagram and are probably wondering about these images; last weekend I met some really fun people who organise weekend getaways that involve camping and music sessions, along with some lovely food and adventurous activities. These mini getaways are perfect to unwind and relax. Join Spaced Out Spirits to keep a track of their activities to get the details about the next getaway/s (the next one is in December in Bangalore). While you can go with a group of friends, I went solo and made a few new friends and connected with an old friend as well.
My weekend with SOS was filled with amazing activities, where I discovered and met artists at their "acoustic music festival" and watched them jam (well actually heard them from my tent) till the wee hours of morning. Then I woke up to another jam session and what turned out to be a drum circle. In collaboration with Mutt Hutt - the Pet Cafe, we had a bunch of sweet dogs around that were so delightful. I think I have more pictures of the dogs that anyone else. During the day, I lazed around in my tent and then hitched a ride with a couple of friends to the nearby lake, trekked and hiked to get to a nice spot where we relaxed and took a dip in the water and finally returned back to the campsite by hitching more rides! Another evening of amazing music followed and soon we were on our way back home, back to the city and back to routine.

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