Solving your fashion "what to wear" dilemmas with okay app



How many times have you stared at your closet and wondered what to wear?  Or you were shopping and were torn between three choices of equally amazing shoes? Or maybe the times you've had everything together, but cannot figure out what will add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit? Maybe it could be a pair of sunnies or a bright bag or even a scarf? When I face these dilemmas, I ask my mom or sister. But there are times when they're not around so then what do I do? That's where Okay App comes in to help you!

A Fire Inside


I'm not at all philosophical but I think great thoughts at time. Also Pinterest is no less. I keep coming across quotes which are inspirational, nostalgic, about love and heartbreak and some which are downright too emo to handle. Each of these invokes a thought (or two) and I cannot stop pinning and thinking. Growth, mistakes, experiments and changes are all things that cannot be avoided and are all part of what makes you who you are. I'm not the same person I was the day before, because everyday is a learning process to fix and maybe better what happened yesterday to make a better tomorrow - and I might sound like the biggest cliche ever, but it is what it is.

Dubai Shopping Guide


I was is Dubai this May and I've put off writing this post for the longest time ever, but of course the destinations don't change. There are hundreds of places to get your fashion fix from Dubai, because the city is brimming with malls and well dressed folks and designer labels. But since this is a personal blog and not a magazine, I decided to share my top 5 places to shop. During my stay there, I visited all these places (and more) but these are the ones that I decided had to be on this list, and of course I made sure they would cater to a designer label junkie as well as a bargain hunter.

8 fun ways to unwind


I think everyone needs a little time off on a monthly basis. While some others on a weekly basis. Whether it's a small breather from your hectic work schedule or crazy household chores or even the bustle of this crazy city, I know I need some way/s to relax and let loose at the end of each week. Here is a small list of suggestions (that work out for me) when I need to unwind.



 While I've never exactly felt the pressure of being an influencer, I always tend to feel the judging looks. The moment someone knows or learns that you blog about fashion and style, they expect you to strut around in the highest of heels and wear the sharpest clothes and they raise their eyebrows if they spot you wearing a pair of denims and a tank top. But I get that. I would have probably judged others in the same way if the roles were reversed.

Mary had a little lamb?


Before the title confuses you, when I say Mary, I of course mean me (who else?) and when I say lamb, I actually mean cat. But Roxanne had a little cat doesn't sound quite right, because Roxanne actually has three cats (and I usually don't refer to myself in the third person voice) but that's my reality. Of course most regular readers have seen images on the blog and Instagram of one particular fat cat, who I always seem to drag and force into posing for the camera, but let me assure you, that's far from the truth!

Links à la Mode: Halloween Hauteness


The lovely people from Independent Fashion Bloggers picked one of my previous posts in their weekly roundup. It's my third feature and I'm truly honoured. Here are 19 other fabulous must see posts.

Halloween Hauteness

If there is one holiday people who love dressing up love, it's Haloween! The day when you can dress up, go over the top, and have a lot of fun. If you do not know what you are going to be this year, take a look at the links for this week and you'll get plenty of inspiration. Maybe even remember you have the fixings for something fabulous right in your closet!

Links à la Mode: October 30th

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Counting Flowers


Here's a little update from a previous post. I finally managed to get most of what I had ordered before Diwali. Still waiting for my shoes and a bracelet to reach me. But once I got this dress, I fell in love with it. Sure the yellow wasn't as vibrant as I wanted it to be and it was missing the belt as shown in the image, but it was still lovely. And the little shrug is my favorite thing for the season, I'm in fact thinking of getting the other colours they have as well. It goes amazingly well with dresses and even ganjis, and folds very nicely. Great for pleasant evenings.