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While Mumbai is completely devoid of this myth called the winters, the rest of the world has to deal with it. And you now what, it really sucks that we don't have a proper one. I just have a closet full of warm wear that's dying to be seen and worn, but the weather really won't let me. And once you've been through a snowy winter, there's really no going back.

When I used to study in Milan, that was my favorite season. I had the perfect excuse to wear my boots and layer up like no tomorrow. Of course at that moment, when I was there, I longed for a hot Mumbai summer. But I still embraced the cold. I would leave my apartment in a knee length sweater dress and calf length boots to go to the supermarket which was just a building away. I got a lot of stares from the elderly Italian women, and once was even told to put on a jacket before I caught a cold! My roommate even refused to go grocery shopping together because she sad 'I cause scandals with my lack of a jacket', but in my defense, it would get really hot in those supermarkets, and there was no ventilation as well. And of course they didn't have fans.
Although there was a time, a friend and I really did cause a scandal. We were going to a club (Armani Prive - which is pretty damn exclusive, but we were assured an entry by a friend whose friend owned another popular club). We also very smartly decided to go without our jackets because we dislike paying a fee of 10 euros to check in a single jacket. So our plan was apartment-taxi-club-taxi-apartment and hence we wouldn't really need our coats. Of course, with our luck, the friends who were supposed to get us in were late by 15 minutes and we both stood out in the cold, a midst stares from very well dressed people and almost froze. After that incident, I always carried my jacket everywhere whether I planned to wear it or not!
Of course those incidents and fun times in Milan make me miss all those days of bundling up. So I decided a winter styling post was something that I needed to do, for myself, to feel better and to share a bit. And as luck would have it, the moment I stepped out to shoot the first look we shot, the climate was actually cooler and Mumbai's weather took a sudden change for good!
Androgyny has always and will always be a trend. It's a lot more sexier to wear his clothes, because most women tend to wear it better than he would! So with small inputs from borrowing clothes, I chose boyfriend jeans (luckily we don't really have to borrow these, but most brands make a boyfriend fit) and a men's shirt. The sweater-shirt combination might be done to death, but it's still awesome. It's usually advisable to go for a fitted shirt, since you'll be layering and it could end up looking bulky. You can finish of with a half tuck or a let the shirt just peak out slowly, depending on the type of look you're going for.

Girls night out sweatshirt: thrifted from Hill road, 350/- | purple checkered shirt: Burberry | Distressed boyfriend denims and black & white cuff: Forever 21 | Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington | Neck piece: DIY-d | Boots: c/o Alberto Torresi 
Everyone rightfully associates the winters with sequins and big doses of bling. When I think of winters, it's Christmas and New Year's eve and those are the times I think bling is really needed (not that its not needed during the rest of the year - but this is the perfect excuse) and so I went for a simple sequinned tunic I found on Hill Road and paired it with a plain grey cardigan and for a fun element, the skull printed scarf. The thing about scarves is that there are so many ways to wear/drape one. So go have fun with yours.
Pink sequined tunic: Hill Road, 200/- | Grey cardigan: Etam | Black jeggings: Marks & Spencer | Skull printed scarf: c/o Rooja.co | Sneaker wedges: Forever 21 | Earrings and ring: Hill Road

I like oversized clothes. I always have preferred them over something that is too form fitted. Here I'm wearing a cardigan that's actually an XL and another street find jacket that has no size mentioned, but from the look of it, I'm guessing its larger than an XXL. Usually I always add a belt when I wear volume but I liked the way this looked. My cardi was much longer than the jacket so I knotted it up at the front - something that I usually wouldn't do.
Blue jacket: Hill Road, 100/- | Striped cardigan: Vero Moda | black blouse: Sarojini Market | Denims: Only | Customized wedges: c/o Alberto Torresi | Geometric neckpiece: AddOns
In India since we have more of warmer climates, we obviously have clothes that are more suited to that weather. So here's an easy way to wear your summer clothes. Layer a full sleeve tee or even button down over a maxi dress and you have a winter outfit. I went for a more neutral look, and adding a hint of colour with my accessories keeping a pink theme in mind, because if you look closely, the inner lining of my maxi dress is pink as well.
Grey maxi dress: PAX, Colaba Causeway | Striped tee: Marks & Spencer | Neon belt: Splash | Neckpiece: Zara | Spiked ballerinas: Max, Dubai
This is me for practically every wedding that occurs between November-January. On the days when I feel really boring, I go for a full black ensemble and might just add a pair of coloured shoes so that it doesn't look like I'm going to a funeral. I also tend to wear pantyhose at that time, it's something that my mom used to make me wear when I was a child for the Christmas mass, and even now I kind of like it at times. At these times, I hate carrying a jacket or a cardigan because I don't really have any fancy ones for the occasion, but I think a chunky shawl does the trick.
Tweed dress: Dubai | Black chunky shawl: old | Heels: La Judi, 600/- | Neckpiece and rings: Hill Road.
Before you think my grandmother wears crop tops and twin sets, let me explain. The whole matching prints especially like the one I'm wearing is so sofa/curtain print, that your grandmother may have used at one point of time. Add in a chunky sweater and there you have it, you're practically your grandmother's favourite grand daughter! When I saw this twin set, it resembled a dress my grandmother wore and when I picked up this sweater I was told its to 'grandma' but why does that have to be a bad thing? Also Messi makes a debut here for the first time.
Floral twinset: Dragon Mart, Dubai | Sweater and neck piece : Hill Road | Flats: Max Dubai
This fur jacket, sigh. I walked into a Zara store in Paris and the first thing I laid my eyes on was this. I don't know what was not to love here. It was animal print and the touch reminded me of my dogs who I missed at that time (we didn't have cats yet) and I though this jacket could be my new pet! There was no price tag and I looked at it all over and it had expensive written everywhere. Just as I was going to put it back into the pile I found it in, I heard the girl  next to me ask a sales clerk the price of something from the pile and a French accent replied back saying 'everything in pile for 10 euros' and I jumped out of my skin and waved the jacket and asked 'jacket also' to which he replied '10 euros' and I never let go of it. I don't think even the Indian Zara would have a jacket like this for 700 rupees! 
So I paired this with whatever I found in my closet, just like I used to wear it in Milan with the boots.
Unfortunately ever since I returned. I've never worn this jacket again, because the weather doesn't permit me to, but how awesome would this be?
Animal print faux fur cardi-jacket: Zara, Paris | Black lace skirt: tailored | black blouse: Sarojini Nagra Market | Sneakers: Forever 21 menswears
Don't forget to tell me what are your favorite ways to get cosy, if you think I missed any!

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