Mess up my hair


 From the time I was a child, I just could not stand anyone touching my hair. I always fussed around even if my mom tried to push my fringe back or if my dad put his arm around me and put his weight on my hair in the process. To tick me off, they did it very often. Even today, I still carry a bit of that trait. While I don't mind getting my hair styled or tied, I'm very picky when it comes to what I do with it. For example, I could be the poster child for a person who doesn't oil or comb their hair. It's miraculous that my hair is the way it is, because I really never comb it. Or maybe that's the reason why.
I've been asked constantly about my 'hair secrets' and when I say I do not comb or oil, no one believes me. I also never blow-dry, I prefer towel dry or braiding my semi damp hair to get smooth curls the next day. But I think the most important part is, I never stick to a shampoo/conditioner (I do not use any additional hair products besides these two). Thanks to my blogger lifestyle, I have a stock of shampoos and conditioners that will last me a while, and they keep refilling of course. So I keep changing and will always be between brands. I always felt, that with each season, your hair texture changes and the same shampoo will not be enough. While it may give your hair extra bounce during the summers, the same one will make your hair flat during the winters. So once I'm done with a shampoo-conditioner duo, I try another brand, and if it leaves my hair texture dry, I skip that one and use another.

Yesterday I was called on by the lovely folks at Jean Claude Biguine for a little hair-do. What started with a mini consultation on my hair's health and style suddenly resulted into a hair-cut. While I was told my hair texture is great, my scalp was a little dry, so it's time to switch shampoos again. While I got my hair done, we shot a little video showing the entire process of the consultation, hair wash, hair cut and the styling. I told the stylist that since my hair is so sickeningly straight (the grass is always greener...) I always like braiding my hair and waking up with curls. So he decided to tong my hair and give me some volume, which I absolutely loved.
A very eventful day indeed, where I not only got my hair cut and styled but also shot a video and an outfit post - all before lunch! I decided to wear my latest addition from Global Desi's MiMaMo collection - this beautiful printed dress and a denim utility jacket (denim jackets are a hot favourite if you paid attention to any of the latest Spring Summer runway shows). Also armed with a backpack I found on the streets and my favourite sunnies and platform heels, I could not stop whipping my hair back and forth and almost titled my post after that song!

Chandraki Dress and Calli Jacket: Global Desi (buy here and here) | Platform wedges : Guess | Textured backpack : Hill Road, 600/- | Layered neckpieces: Street buys, 150/- each | Sunnies: thrifted, 200/- | Bracelets: Thrifted.
Photography: Patrick Miranda
Hair courtesy: Jean Claude Biguine

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  1. I know the post is about the hair...and it looks nice...but i absolutely love the dress! Its so pretty and playful

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  3. Girl, you have gorgeous hair!! Loooved this outfit too! Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Love the backdrop and loved the video! Gorgeous photos!


  5. Nice information thanks for a sharing information