Festive Elegance


I love this time of the year. Not only does the weather start to get cooler (still waiting on that) but the festivities make everything so much better with all the holidays and the parties and occasional pujas that I get invited to at times. While my wardrobe has very limited Indian pieces, I prefer trying to make an indo-western outfit work instead of going fully desi. I recently took a saree that was not being used at home and got my tailor to make palazzo trousers out of them. With a little western silhouette and a completely Indianised fabric - georgette brocade with polka bhuttis - I think I'm all set for a last minute puja, if the need arises. Since I was going for a different look, I decided a voluminous tunic would do the trick and had to make sure it was colourful enough so that I don't seem to drab. Lastly I mixed a few statement jewelry pieces and decided to go sans earrings (like always) but made up for the lack of danglers with a very quirky clutch.
But what I really do love is the shopping and the discounts. Let's be honest, there's no time like now to shop because every e-commerce website tries to give customers the best that they can and lucky us, we just have to find the best deal and click a few buttons to get what we want. Enter UC Browser.

This web browser promises stress-free shopping, because let's face it, finding the right pair of shoes can really be a tedious task, especially with the huge variety of options available. Along with stress-free shopping, they have some exciting rewards for their users, including a few iPhone 6/6 plus, a few other drool worthy gadgets that can be won and sudden random pop-up scratch cards that could give a few lucky shoppers cash credit on their favorite shopping sites or a select lucky shopper or two (who collects all 5 of these scratch cards) prizes worth 100,000/-
To add on to all of that, UC Browser also offers a browse and compare feature, so that you can make sure you're getting the best price on your shoes as you compare the prices from different websites. And last but not the least, you can even get a mobile recharge once you share your shopping experience. Download UC Browser on your smart phone or directly head over to their page on you computer and indulge in their Diwali Shopping Festival!

Neon tunic: Thrifted from Hill Road | Purple palazzo pant: Tailored from an old saree | Neckpiece: Outhouse; Bracelet: Zariin; Tortoise Clutch: Bansri; all available at Minerali | Heels: Payless, Dubai.

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  1. What a cool clutch, it's an amazing and unique piece


  2. You look gorgeous, what beautiful prints on your trousers x

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  3. You look great. I like the clutch.

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  4. Lov the yellow..
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  5. yellow looks stunning on you!