After the Fall


It's that time of the year we fashion aficionados call 'fall' and kick into our overcoats and cosy jackets and our trendy boots. Unfortunately for many girls, like me, that dream just falls short because we live in a country that really has nothing known as fall. Especially in a city like Mumbai, stepping out in boots is more of a concern than comfort, unless you plan to wear them only after dark (when it's cooler) and for not more than four to five hours, because no ones wants sweaty feet.
The fix: Wear booties, boots that are ankle length instead of calf or *shudder* knee/thigh. Like I mentioned, do not wear them for long hours, because they will get uncomfortable. Another great option would be sneaker wedges.
As for the overcoats and jackets, well it really depends where you're located and how cold it might get there. Personally I prefer a long cardigan that I can stuff into my bag when I no longer need it or am indoors.
Still wearing my 'summer' clothes and also decided to repeat this pretty skirt. I also thought the stripes made a lovely clash with the animal print (sunglasses and clutch) and layered two neckpieces I found off the streets. No wrist stacking today. I do realise a mini skirt with booties are a bit too risque, so I'd suggest leggings and jeans instead. They look mighty fine together as well. Or a longer ankle length skirt for a bit of a bohemian vibe.
Striped back t-shirt: Canada | Pink skirt: Forever New (also worn here) | Black booties: c/o Alberto Toressi | Animal print clutch: c/o Youshine | Animal print sunglasses : Palolem beach, Goa,  90/- | Neckpiece: Hill Road for 180/- each

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  1. Wow what a gorgeous outfit!!!! I especially love your top and boots ;) you look so chic and edgy and STUNNING :)

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  2. Digging the boots. Saw you on The Blonde Salad's page. xo