3 Steps to Sangria


You're either a wine person or you're not. But regardless of what kind of person you are, you will always be a sangria person. Because it's a known fact, everything tastes better with fruit! As promised, here is how you can lay your hands on sangria, at home, without too much experimentation (we've all been there and done that at one point of time) and mess because laying your hands on the 'perfect sangria' is somewhat of a task. Not every joint serves it, and sometimes the fruit they use has seen better days.
Luckily, Turning Point decided to cut all us sangria lovers some slack and launched a 'ready to drink' sangria in a 330ml bottle! They of course come in two flavours Metropolitan (red - cranberry and orange) and Nashik Mule (white - orange and ginger ale) and the price of each of these bottles is 135/- which is really well priced according to me.

So how do you drink this sangria at home? Here are some easy steps (as demonstrated by my dad)

1- Chop fruits

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2- Place chopped fruits in glass

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3 - Pour chilled Metropolitan or Nashik Mule into glass.

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And enjoy!

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And that's really it. There you have your own sangria at home. Of course you can completely skip the fruits altogether and just drink the sangria straight up from the bottle as it is. All you need to do is add an orange wedge.
That's what I'll be doing, because frankly I'm really not a beer person and when I go out I'm forced to stick to cocktails (most of which I or my dad can make better versions of, at home) and of course I'd never resort to having a breezer, because even though I like it people get too judgmental, and this sangria really seems like a bit of a Godsend.

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