Shopping online, again | #shopquikr


As already mentioned, October has been a month of shopping. This time I set out with a budget of 5,000/- to spend on an extremely popular website - Quikr.
While I've had my love-hate relationship with Quikr in the past (because that's where I went when I was in search for an intern and I received odd calls at all hours since they gave out my phone number) I had never actually shopped there. I've heard of people who did, but somehow it never compelled me enough to take a look or even consider shopping or buying from there.

Ode to Winter | Cosy style options


While Mumbai is completely devoid of this myth called the winters, the rest of the world has to deal with it. And you now what, it really sucks that we don't have a proper one. I just have a closet full of warm wear that's dying to be seen and worn, but the weather really won't let me. And once you've been through a snowy winter, there's really no going back.

Shop spend save, repeat


Floral maxi: Dorothy Perkins, Jabong | Snakeskin sandals: Ezra, Jabong | Pink sling/clutch: Myntra | Shrug: Fashionara | Bracelet: Limeroad (link unavailable since they're all sold out) | Pink neckpiece : FabAlley
I think it's safe to say October is shopping month. Besides the Diwali shopping I also start shopping for cardigans and light weight jackets for the season and I've always felt this is the best time to stock up. And since I'm already in that mood, I was pretty excited when the folks at BonusBay contacted me and told me about their website. BonusBay, just as the name suggests, is a place to earn bonuses when you shop! I of course had to put this to the test myself and so giving myself a budget (4,000/-) to spend on a full look, including accessories.

Festive Elegance


I love this time of the year. Not only does the weather start to get cooler (still waiting on that) but the festivities make everything so much better with all the holidays and the parties and occasional pujas that I get invited to at times. While my wardrobe has very limited Indian pieces, I prefer trying to make an indo-western outfit work instead of going fully desi. I recently took a saree that was not being used at home and got my tailor to make palazzo trousers out of them. With a little western silhouette and a completely Indianised fabric - georgette brocade with polka bhuttis - I think I'm all set for a last minute puja, if the need arises. Since I was going for a different look, I decided a voluminous tunic would do the trick and had to make sure it was colourful enough so that I don't seem to drab. Lastly I mixed a few statement jewelry pieces and decided to go sans earrings (like always) but made up for the lack of danglers with a very quirky clutch.

Pink | International Giveaway


 So this is how I converted what would have been another monochrome look into something different. While I stuck to a neutral palette, I made sure to add in some interesting accessories that stood out but still complimented everything else (including the purple wall well).
What I'm ecstatic about here is (I know I don't look like I am) is that today we host a new giveaway where a lucky reader can win a Daniel Wellington watch of their choice (More on this at the bottom). Of course when it came to picking my own DW watch, I picked the purple canvas strap without any hesitation, because I've always been partial to that colour. My sweet little DW watch is accompanied by two very dainty and pretty bracelets by Silvette, both of which added interesting colours to my otherwise neutral look.

Mess up my hair


 From the time I was a child, I just could not stand anyone touching my hair. I always fussed around even if my mom tried to push my fringe back or if my dad put his arm around me and put his weight on my hair in the process. To tick me off, they did it very often. Even today, I still carry a bit of that trait. While I don't mind getting my hair styled or tied, I'm very picky when it comes to what I do with it. For example, I could be the poster child for a person who doesn't oil or comb their hair. It's miraculous that my hair is the way it is, because I really never comb it. Or maybe that's the reason why.

After the Fall


It's that time of the year we fashion aficionados call 'fall' and kick into our overcoats and cosy jackets and our trendy boots. Unfortunately for many girls, like me, that dream just falls short because we live in a country that really has nothing known as fall. Especially in a city like Mumbai, stepping out in boots is more of a concern than comfort, unless you plan to wear them only after dark (when it's cooler) and for not more than four to five hours, because no ones wants sweaty feet.
The fix: Wear booties, boots that are ankle length instead of calf or *shudder* knee/thigh. Like I mentioned, do not wear them for long hours, because they will get uncomfortable. Another great option would be sneaker wedges.

3 Steps to Sangria


You're either a wine person or you're not. But regardless of what kind of person you are, you will always be a sangria person. Because it's a known fact, everything tastes better with fruit! As promised, here is how you can lay your hands on sangria, at home, without too much experimentation (we've all been there and done that at one point of time) and mess because laying your hands on the 'perfect sangria' is somewhat of a task. Not every joint serves it, and sometimes the fruit they use has seen better days.