Rebel Rebel


Earlier this year when I was in Dubai, we took a day trip to one of the nearby emirate states and visited a local mall that was supposed to be really well stocked with discounted items (Dubai shopping post coming soon!) and while in that mall, I kept getting the looks from a lot of people, so my aunt suggested that I should have not worn what I was wearing, which was this dress. So okay, it was bright pink and had a bustier style thing happening, but after a few frowns from some ladies, I decided to wear something new. So looked for something very relaxed and picked up some relaxed pajama style pants and all I needed was a nice tee. And that's when I stumbled upon this one.
There's nothing really to this tee, however the first thing that popped in my head was Bowie, because of the lightening mark across the front. Secondly it was sheer, at places, and it's something I always love to experiment with. And lastly it had animal print. Oh and I forgot to mention, it's a cropped tee as well! So score for me.
Over here, I chose to wear my 'Bowie tee' with a plain old jersey skirt. Another monochrome look I'm afraid, but I did manage to add in some interesting elements. The tee already had lace, and I added my Aztec wedges, a studded belt and lastly my 'filmy bag' which always managed to get laughs when I used to work on Bollywood films.
Tee: Splash, Dubai | Skirt: Canada | Aztec wedges: Zara, 990/- on sale | Bag: Bangkok, Khaosan street, 600/- approx. | Round sunnies: c/o Club Apparel UAE via Aldo | Studded belt: Only | Lace watch: Aldo Accessories | Bracelets: Forever 21 | Winged bracelet: Dragon Mart, Dubai.

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  1. almost every element here is stunning!!! Love the styling!

  2. This building is so beautiful! I have always wanted to do a shoot here. Fabulous job!