5 things you forgot to do in Goa


With all the generic "top things to do in Goa" - from where to eat and what you have to absolutely do and cannot even think of missing, I thought of straying away from the obvious and doing something different. Here is my idea of things you generally do not do in Goa, but should be doing. All these five little things are all in a day's work as you can tell from the repeated outfit!

The Other Side of the Beach

It's a well known fact that Goa is known for it's beaches. But really what does one do at a beach? Do you actually go swimming or go there to watch other people swim? I did do a bit of both and really depends on what beach I am, and how crowded it is. And Goan beaches are very crowded, especially if you're at the "hot-spot" beaches that all tourists love to visit. We walked to the very end of one of the most popular beaches in Goa (Baga) and discovered this little cove with bright coloured boats. The local fishermen had just come in from their fishing trip and were sorting out their catch. It was a very mesmerizing sight and we stood there captured for a long time. It sure beats watching and laughing at Indian tourists gawk at the other tourists.

Also, I felt at the end of my trip, I'd rather upload an awesome Facebook profile picture of myself with these colourful boats in the background rather than a common 'at the beach' sunset and clouds and breaking waves picture that every Goa return has on their profile.

Churches and Chapels

Goa is filled with Catholics and you may come across many tiny chapels or even big churches.  You don't have to be a religious person to enter one either. My advice would be, take five minutes off and just enter one. Most of these tiny structures are filled with beautiful details in the inside and if you're a fan of art or architecture, you won't complain. Also they are made of rock and stone and are very well ventilated at most times, so it's really a great place to rest for a bit.

A majority of these churches have some fascinating back story to it and pay homage to the Gothic era. While you may look around and take pictures inside the chapels and churches (only if there is a photography allowed signage) remember it's still a place of worship for some people so remember to talk in hushed tones and refrain from beach clothes like bikini tops and hot shorts inside. Men, please don't go in bare chested!

Public Transport

Almost every area has these tiny local buses that stop at all tourist destinations. So instead of shelling out unnecessary money for a taxi (and they rip you off, always), hail a bus to your next stop. You'll meet all kinds of interesting people in these buses from school children to somebody's grandmother, and the fare is minimal, below 20 rupees. 

This rickety bus ride was really enjoyable fun and windy after a long walk to the hot beach!

Goan Cuisine

Another well known aspect of Goa is the amazing food. I'm talking beyond the blueberry cheesecake at Brittos or the mousakka at Thalassa is the actual local Goan cuisine. All you have to do it look for it. 

We went to the least popular or well known places with the dimmer lights and which had only locals and no tourists in sight and had the most amazing Goan curries with the local bread. It's best to ask a local shopkeeper where these places are.

A life-time souvenir

So this is purely optional, because I know many folks that are not as affectionate to tattoos or tattooed people as I am. But while walking the Calangute-Baga stretch and looking at the random tattoo stores, we decided to get small mini tattoos. The cost for a 1x1 square inch tattoo costs between 600-800/-. We managed to get three mini tattoos for 2200/-

Don't be fooled by the smile in this image, I was in pain. Also make sure you do your research before you get inked and always check for cleanliness while visiting these stores and request to see their latest work.

Outfit: Printed maxi dress: Max Fashion | slip on sandals: Aldo 
What did you do on your last Goa trip? I'd like to know.

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  1. Being Goan, I know this list all too well. Add to that, eat a fresh catch at the beach at sunrise, take a walk through a paddy field, wade through a river and go to the local goan market. Love that you got a tat there to make it all the more memorable!