Rebel Rebel


Earlier this year when I was in Dubai, we took a day trip to one of the nearby emirate states and visited a local mall that was supposed to be really well stocked with discounted items (Dubai shopping post coming soon!) and while in that mall, I kept getting the looks from a lot of people, so my aunt suggested that I should have not worn what I was wearing, which was this dress. So okay, it was bright pink and had a bustier style thing happening, but after a few frowns from some ladies, I decided to wear something new. So looked for something very relaxed and picked up some relaxed pajama style pants and all I needed was a nice tee. And that's when I stumbled upon this one.
There's nothing really to this tee, however the first thing that popped in my head was Bowie, because of the lightening mark across the front. Secondly it was sheer, at places, and it's something I always love to experiment with. And lastly it had animal print. Oh and I forgot to mention, it's a cropped tee as well! So score for me.



Let me introduce you to the things I've been obsessed with in the last few days (or more). One of them is major wrist stacking, which has been happening for a long long time. I have to put on my watch and at least 3 other bracelets. On days when I don't stack, well those are the days when I'm lounging around at home or if I'm wearing something that has full sleeves that hide my wrist, so I don't bother.

5 things you forgot to do in Goa


With all the generic "top things to do in Goa" - from where to eat and what you have to absolutely do and cannot even think of missing, I thought of straying away from the obvious and doing something different. Here is my idea of things you generally do not do in Goa, but should be doing. All these five little things are all in a day's work as you can tell from the repeated outfit!

Sail Away


One thing I love about travelling is picking what clothes to wear. Of course I usually do my research especially if I'm going to a new place, to check the attractions and places to visit, and the conditions and while I do that, I'm simultaneously planning what to wear when I get there. My Goa trip was a week long trip and started with a friend's wedding which left almost no time for exploration, save two days, one of which was this one. Here we went to visit close friends and we stumbled upon this dilapidated old fashioned house that just looked so beautiful from the outside and just had to be the backdrop for my outfit post.

So... Do You Vespa?


When BlogAdda asked me what I would do if they gave me a Vespa for a few days, I told them without any hesitation, I would learn to ride it (I was just trying to be funny at that time) however they seemed to actually like the idea, and actually decided to give me a bike for a while. And that's how it all began. Here's what you need to know about me, I'm terrified of riding/driving and I don't have a license as well. Because of this phobia, I've never even tried to learn riding, although I did try my hands on driving, but gave up after a few weeks. The Vespa loomed towards me like some sort of temptation.

In A Reverie


 If I talk about how much I love Indian wear, I always tend to get chuckles or laughter from the other end because no one really believes me! I've always admired the grace and elegance that envelops a woman in a saree or any other Indian outfit for that matter. I usually prefer the more traditional take on Indian wear and not the very trendy pieces. I appreciate embroideries and texture details a lot more than I would like bling and swarovski crystal stones on anything Indian. I also find myself more inclined to subtle tones like off whites and duller golds or a darker shade like a navy or even black as compared to something brighter.

Between Takes


 Midst the rains and many stalled shoots and problems with the RTO, more on that later, we finally had a bit of an eventful day. The shoot for our video went well as planned, even though it suddenly rained in between, seconds later we had so much sun that my legs look really white in most of these pictures!