What The Black - The big reveal!


I recently signed up with BlogAdda for WhatTheBlack, where I was going to receive unexpected items at my door step, all which would be clues as to what the final mystery product would be. I was intrigued and since my travel dates coincided with the days these products would turn up home, Sheehan made sure I didn't miss anything and sent me daily updates on it! While she received random items for day 1 and 2, the item for day 3 came along with day 4's mystery product. 
In my head, I guessed nothing, really, I just hoped this would have been a campaign against fairness creams? 

An egg with chocolate in the inside on the first day

A black newspaper with some real random articles.

Day 3 was a black cup and tissue paper, which reached Sheehan on the last day, with the big reveal.

And this was the big reveal - a Colgate SlimSoft Charcoal toothbrush!

Now that I'm home finally, cannot wait to test this out. Also since I was younger and obsessed with all things black, there was a time when I had a black soap and I reaally wanted a black toothbrush as well, so much that I had even resorted to painting mine with my paints (let me assure you, I never used it! Mom wouldn't let me!)

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