In Bloom


This is the last of the lot in the Dubai series. As you can tell, the Miracle Garden really captured us. Completely. Sheehan and I decided to dedicate these pictures to our mom, who didn't get a chance to visit this lovely place, and she loves flowers. Like really does. So we took all these pictures for her.

Onto the outfit, I somehow felt like I was Bianca Balti in a Dolce & Gabbana campaign without the gang of models and picturesque Italian views. I think it was the mix of black lace and the transparency as well, and then those jewel tone earrings. To add somewhat of a whimsical moment and also be a bit match-y to the surroundings, I selected a floral wrap belt, floral shades and floral shoes, all of which stood out fantastically against the otherwise all-black attire.

Once again, it was a sunny day, and we both luckily managed to not get heat strokes at the end of the day by taking shelter under the shade offered by this gigantic hearts which I must say is what enthralled me and made this garden in my must visit list while in Dubai!

Sheer blouse : Thrifted |Circular lace midi skirt : Tailored | Floral belt : Pieces | Shoes : Custom made at Shoebiz | Shades : Claire's | Earrings : Fab Alley | Bracelets (right hand) : Forever 21, (left hand) : thrifted.

Location : Miracle Garden, Dubai.

Edit : Vsco cam

Tips and reminders while visiting the Miracle Garden in Dubai

Dubai is a very sunny place, so plan accordingly. I went during the day, and the temperature was pretty much unbearable. Carry a hat or an umbrella to avoid the hot sun.
Always check with the website, or give them a call to check if they are open. They close their doors during the summer for a few weeks, and also when they are renovating.
They have canteens and places for refreshments, so you need not carry your own water, unless you want to.
The place is a little out of the way, and you will need a car or a taxi driver who knows the routes well enough to get there.
They also have a little club cart ride where for a small fee they will drive you around the entire circumference of the garden.
The place is really beautiful so wear something pretty and don't forget your camera!

A big thank you to the lovely staff who let us shoot there, and did not interfere or stare and most specially to the guy at the ice-cream shop, who gave me my phone back after I stupidly forgot it at the counter!

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  1. Such a delight going through this floral post!
    Loved every bit!