Trends. Styles. Genres. Everything you do and wear and sometimes even the way you behave are defined by these labels. Everything is. There was a time most of my friends called me a mixture of punk mixed with a bit of glam rock. The studs on my belt and the sequins on my tee defined my look. And when I wore black, I edged closer to the 'goth lifestyle'. With my poker straight hair and a side fringe that fell on my face during my early college years, I fell into the 'emo category'. The fact that I had purple and red streaks in my hair and doodled My Chemical Romance lyrics on my hands and Avenged Sevenfold's bats on my desk didn't help one bit. Was it a phase? I don't think so. I still sing along to 'famous last words' and even contemplated getting the 'death bat' as a tattoo very recently. While my style has evolved drastically, I still like to reminisce about those earlier days. I still love my studs, rivets and spikes, although i wear them differently that I used to.

Onto what I'm wearing here, to put all the label/genre speculations to rest, I've always been influenced tremendously by music when it comes to what I wear. I felt a bit 'rocker chic' with the boots and the silhouette was a little modern boho mixed with a bit of futuristic glam with the iridescent clutch and the text on my tee. And of course I finished off with a bit of old school British classic rock and roll with the Lennon glasses.

On another unrelated note, we have some really exciting stuff coming up, in the form of videos and outfit posts and fun collaborations and I cannot wait to share those!
Pink skirt and iridescent bag : Splash (Dubai) | 'ICON' crop top : Pimkie | Black zipper dress worn as a jacket : Thrifted, Kalina's Sunday Bazaar, 150/- | Black boots : c/o Alberto Toressi | Round sunnies : thrifted, Hill Road, 200/- | Bracelets (left hand) : thrifted | Black and white clasp (left hand) : Forever 21 | Neon neckpiece : c/o Cupidity by Karishma and Masumi | Polka watch : Dragon Mart, Dubai | Black belt : Only

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